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How to Buy the Perfect Sofa to Come Home to Everyday

If you’ve been looking for that perfect piece of furniture to make yourself feel comfy and pampered at the end of the day, then look for sofa sets at their deep and chunky best. There are very few things in life that can give off a more comfortable and relaxed feel than sofas with a ‘super sprung’ base, foam cushions made of feather and the glorious look of fine leather. Then, there are plenty of vintage leather sofa sets that give off their unique characteristics to wow you. If you prefer designer styles and are happy with slim and svelte designs then there’s no dearth of options to choose from either.

Authentic, traditional, or classic-looking lounging furniture and sofa sets – what will you choose? Here’s our take on how to choose the perfect sofa for your apartment or home – your very own luxurious retreat.

How to Select the Perfect Sofa?

Buying an entire sofa set can serve to be a big buy indeed.  It can be a rather daunting task if you are purchasing such furniture pieces for the very first time. As you begin your quest for the perfect set, there’ll be suggestions and recommendations galore. For instance, Jamie Fielden from suggests a neutral colored, leather Chesterfield sofa for a timeless piece that can go with many different styles over the years. Basically, you’ll find various stores featuring exclusive products with their own USP to set them apart from the plentiful options in the fray.

Which Arms are considered Cool?

Round arms can be said to be the trademark of sofas flaunting a traditional design. Contemporary homes with modern style furniture and décor generally complement more timeless designs. Tuxedo-style sets, with straight and firm hands of equal height as that of the back of the sofa meshes, sync with most homes. They go well with upholstered seating as well.

Stand-alone or Sectional

In order to decide upon the design of your new sofa – whether it should be a stand-alone or a sectional one - would be dependent on the space available to you. Say, you have a formal living room that’s used for occasional entertaining, then you may want it to be a stylish spot that tells about your personality. A stand-alone sofa would be a good bet for such a room with its clean and sleek lines. Sectional sofas are way too roomy. They are considered as good options for watching TV, lounging, napping, reading, or playing games while being seated around a coffee table. In general, sectional sofas are inviting and roomy; they require more space than stand-alone sofas. Choose accordingly.

Sofa Fabric for Homes with Pets and Kids

Do you have young children or pets at home? Its recommended that you invest in a fabric that wears well and is plush in looks. Cotton velvet sofas are feasible no-fail options. You may also choose stain-camouflaging patterns in other fabrics provided they are dark in color. It would do your leather furniture good if you manage to implement the “eat on the dining table only’ rule at home. It’s best to stay away from chenille sofa fabric as it warps and stretches with time.

Filling: Feather or Foam?

The ideal filling for many sofa buyers would be a mix of both feather and foam filling. An all-down filling would make the sofa lumpy in looks and will be a big drain on your pocket. On the other hand, an all-foam filling in your sofas would give rise to a stiff but resilient feel. As per experts in sofa manufacturing and design, modern-day homemakers are preferring foam-core cushioned sofas with a feather. Such a filling gives off a good balance between plushness and structure and also proves to be an affordable option for those on a budget.

Seat Depth

The average sofas have a seat depth of a minimum of 60 cms. This depth provides enough maneuverability space for people with long legs. In case shorter people are using the sofa, they can tuck their feet easily with this sort of depth. As seat depths tend to vary, it’s best to try out different designs and styles to ensure proper back support.

Invest in the Perfect Sofa Set

Getting home a brand-new sofa set is among the crucial home arranging decisions that you’ll make. It has to be perfect to match the feel and décor of your personal space. Along with the above tips, you may want to consider other factors for the selection of the perfect sofas – height, width, weight, seating capacity, color, plushness, and so forth. Make a well-researched and informed purchase decision to get the most out of your investments; today.

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