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Dream Careers For Those Who Love Fitness!

It feels like a bit of magic when you find a career path that suits you. But, if you are a generally active and sporty person, and your interests span a few sectors - how do you know which one is for you? If you are interested in fitness careers that pay well first, and the style of training second, then the chances are you won’t have too much trouble finding something to match your personality.

Here is a list of some great careers that you can choose from that will combine your passion and the need to pay bills.

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Health & Wellness Coach

This one is pretty cool because it combines knowledge of training different body types, nutritional information, but combines it with a slightly more holistic approach. This isn’t about strict fitness and getting those muscles ripped, it’s about the overall wellness of you. Health and Wellness coaches help you create attainable goals, form health habits, signpost people to other sources like trainers and physiotherapists - should they be needed. If you chose this path, you would be helping people towards a healthier lifestyle.


A what now? Kinesiology is the study of physical activity. As a kinesiologist, you’ll have a wealth of knowledge in leisure, recreation and exercise physiology. The main aim here is to work alongside athletes to get them into absolute peak performance. Your in-depth knowledge of biomechanics will help them navigate through anything that they might feel is holding them back. This isn’t just about watching highly trained athletes run on treadmills though. You can go on to help in the manufacturing process of athletic equipment, or work in academia.

Physical Therapist

This is an incredibly rewarding role. It isn’t about building big muscles or breaking personal best times on the track. This career is about helping people rebuild their lives. It might be something simple like a tight ankle after injury, but it could also be helping people to walk again after a severe injury.  There is a deep sense of purpose that comes with being able to study the body and bring someone back to their former capabilities. This role comes with a lot of stability, as you’ll likely work in a hospital setting or in a private practice.

Yoga Teacher

This role is as much about mindfulness and finding calm and relaxation as it is about the movements. If you’re going to teach yoga, then you probably already have a lot of experience from attending classes yourself. You’ll likely work in yoga centers, health centers, local sports halls, or maybe your own studio one day. You’ll be able to lead a group of people who are all looking to relaxing, unwind, and stretch out the stress of the day. You’ll be a master at keeping people relaxed, and your active listening skills will be super sharp. There are many different types of yoga, so you’ll need to choose which one suits your lifestyle and career path moving forward before you decide.

Physical Education Teacher

There is nothing as satisfying as shaping and inspiring young minds. There is often a group of children who don’t love P.E, but there will be a few that shine. Studies show that the more physically active students are, the better that they perform academically too. Teaching P.E isn’t always the most natural thing as you get into the high school ages, the kids are full of energy, but if you know how to channel it in a positive and purpose-filled way, this can be a great career choice.


What is an exercise program without the right eating habits? While most fitness trainers and even health and wellness coaches have some of the relevant skills, a nutritionist is at the top of their game. They have all the knowledge to help people lose or gain weight in a healthy way, the ability to curate and eating program for a perfect ‘gains’ schedule too. A Nutritionist will help their clients make smart decisions around their food at all times. You might be self-employed in this role or work at a spa or in a hospital, depending on your qualifications.

Strength and Conditioning

If you are eyeing up this role, the chances are you have a pretty strict gym ritual. You know what to eat and when to eat it, how many reps you’re doing before you even start and a passion for protein. A Strength and Conditioning Specialist will help athletes and weight lifters improve their performance through specific testing. You will have an in-depth knowledge of how the body works, and which muscle groups are best used to complete a particular task. You’ll be able to coach professional athletes be faster, stronger, improve their power and agility too - all while preventing injuries and meeting their personal goals.

Fitness Magazine Editor

Of contributor. If you have a passion for fitness, the chances are you can find an excellent publication that would love to have your input. You’ll be combining creative flair with knowledge. Keeping up to date with new scientific discoveries that make an impact on the health and fitness word it a must. You’ll interview experts, head to conventions, and maybe even test some new products out yourself.

Gym Owner

This one might seem like taking a dive off the deep end, but really it’s just logical. You have a passion for helping people achieve their goals, as well as reaching your own. It makes sense that you would want to have a space to do that. Of course, this requires a little more knowledge in business, but with the right support, you would be able to create a popular and successful gym.

When it comes to a career in fitness, there are a lot of options. For the most part, you will always be working with people to help them make improvements to their lives - and that always matters.

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