Sunday, April 28, 2019

Boost Savings Selling Your Family's Old iPhones

Apple traditionally introduces a new iPhone into the market every year. This means that you are probably wondering what to do with all the old family iPhones stashed away in your home. You could choose to recycle the old phones, give them away to friends, or sell them to boost your family savings.

If you are business savvy, you already know that Apple products tend to depreciate very slowly. What this means for you is that you have a real opportunity to make some extra income by choosing to offload off the old, and unwanted gadgets.

When Should You Sell?

Selling your old iPhone is not the same as offloading your stocks. However, there exists one major similarity between the two—you will want to offload the gadgets when the prices are still high.

For mobile phones, the perfect time to sell is right before Apple releases or announces its latest model. Once this has taken place, people will flood the market as they try to switch their interests or sell their gadgets to enable them to get the new models.

At this moment, the prices will start to go down, which means that you may not end up getting the price you wanted for your old iPhone. Even though the release dates tend to vary each year, the company typically shows off its latest innovations during the month of September.

The gadgets are then released when the third or fourth quarter is coming to an end. If you have a few phones lying around in your house, you could earn some extra income by choosing to sell it before any official announcement is made.

Selling it after the announcement will generally net you a lower amount. Is there anything you should do before selling your Apple handsets?

1. Unlock the Handset

A phone that can be used on any carrier anywhere in the world is a phone that anyone can purchase. This particularly applies to resellers and travelers who operate across the globe. If the phone is locked to one carrier, establish whether you can have it unlocked.

Certain carriers will charge for this service while others will want to see the specific contract details before they can unlock it. If they can unlock it, they will apply an affordable service charge.

If you can pay for the service and you could see the resale value of your old phones skyrocket. It may take a few days to process, but make sure that it works before you attempt to sell it.

2. Back It Up

It is crucial to confirm that you have an updated backup for the handset. It is the only way to confirm that your data is properly secured. It also makes it easier for you to restore it once you get yourself a new gadget. As long as you are plugged in, iCloud will automatically back up the data for you overnight.

You can also perform a manual backup to ensure that you are in fact up-to-date and that nothing will get lost.

3. Erase All Your Personal Details

When you finish backing up your data, proceed to wipe it from your device. Ensure you have not left any messages, files, or photos on the devices going on sale. Failing to do so could expose your personal and intimate details to the new owners.

4. Collect the Cases and Cables

Including the Ad Adapter, original box, and Lightning cable with the phone can help give you an edge over the other sellers looking to offload their devices. If you are planning to upgrade to a new model, you can also include the old cases. Doing this will help you sweeten the deal and declutter your house in the process.

Always exercise caution when offloading old gadgets. Use a trusted platform like to ensure that the deal is clean and straightforward.

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