Sunday, April 28, 2019

Need Help Finding a Mobile Phone Deal in 2019?

It has come to that time of the year when you decide that your iPhone 8 or Galaxy S9 phone is no longer good enough for you. As such, you might wish to get a new, cool phone such as the iPhone Xs or even the Galaxy S10E. As such, you will be in search of the best trade-in company to ensure that you get the best value to ensure you do not pay too much for your new Galaxy S10E. Here are some tips to get a good trade-in deal in 2019.

Fix the Phone First

If your Galaxy S10 or iPhone 8 is broken, you must first fix it. For instance, if you visit, you will find that a damaged phone can get less than half of what functional phones get. It might seem strange but even a small issue can cost you hundreds of pounds. For instance, if the screen is cracked, it will usually cost just over £100 to get it fixed. However, it could add many times more than that during the trade-in deal.

Compare Hundreds of Trade-In Sites

When trying to trade in your phone, you do not want to be in a rush. It can be quite easy to do this. Using a comparison site, they go out of their way to list the reviews for the various sites. Obviously, this matters since you can tell which sites will offer you a better deal for the iPhone devices and Android devices. Just by perusing through the various reviews, it will help you to know which sites are fussy and which ones will accept your Galaxy S10 even with a few scratches.

Comparing Trade-In Deals Could Earn You More

Comparing the trade-in deals offered at various sites will not just offer you a few extra pounds. It has been shown that by making such a comparison, you could potentially earn 43% more. It is a great way to ensure you pay as little as possible the next time you buy a new phone. With so many flagship phones released in 2019, finding better deals can ensure that you get your dream phone and not just the lite version.

Avoid Being too Loyal

When trying to get a great trade-in deal, loyalty is your worst enemy. Avoid going to just one retailer because you have been with them for so long. Take time and compare various services. Eventually, you could get a better deal for your disloyalty. Some online stores will promise you coupons but this will not mean anything if the deal they offer you is lower than the competition.

Timing Matters

If you wish to get a good deal, you have to time the trade-in perfectly. It can have a huge impact on how much you will actually get for your old phone. For instance, it has been found that an iPhone can lose as much as 20% in value in the three weeks before Apple launches a new phone. As such, it is advisable to lock in prices if you are trading-in a Galaxy S9 or iPhone. It will ensure that you have a chance of getting the best possible deal. You can always find a good company that extends its offer deadline during this period if you look hard enough.

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