Friday, March 29, 2019

5 Things You Might Not Know about the Legal System

The legal system is full of different intricacies and deficiencies, most of which you will have no clue about whatsoever. From legal cuts to claiming compensation, there are probably many things about the law that you have either never taken any notice of… or ever actually been made aware of.

In order to shed some light on everything you probably don’t know about the legal system, make sure to read on.

Legal aid cuts have lowered lawyer access

Today, thanks to major cuts in legal aid, only one in four defendants have access to a lawyer. This means that parties are now, more often than not, examined by the jury and people that they know, rather than professionals in the courtroom.

Husband and wife are deemed as being one entity

They may be individuals in reality but, in the eyes of the law, husbands and wives are regarded as being one entity. This is why, when serious cases go to court involving married couples, they can never be deemed to have conspired alone with another. There must always be a third-party involved if, in fact, conspiracy has taken place.

There is no presumption that children must live with the mother

It is common knowledge that, when their parents split, the child is legally bound to go and live with the mother, right? Wrong. There is no lawful presumption that children must live with their paternal mother rather than their paternal father — in fact, the courts don’t even have any favorites in this instance. Both mothers and fathers alike stand on equal ground when it comes to where their child lives, as it is up to the child to choose where they feel most comfortable living.

Barristers are there to serve their client and the court

You’ve seen the crime dramas, so you know how heated the courtroom can get when barristers begin their fight to win their client’s case for them. Did you know, however, that barristers are bound just as much to the court as they are to their clients? They cannot, then, mislead the judge or the jury in any way to ensure their client’s freedom.

You can claim compensation for personal injuries

Have you ever been left injured by ignorance or malpractice of another person, regardless of who this person was? If so, then you probably could have made a claim for compensation at that time. It’s important that you bear this important factor of the legal system in mind, as it could help you immensely in the future should this kind of plight ever befall you again.

To make a personal injury compensation claim, first, you have to align yourself with expert lawyers in this industry, the likes of which can be found at In order to successfully win your claim, you and your solicitor of choice must be able to prove that:

1. You were owed a duty of care at the time in which you suffered your injury

2. The defendant breached that duty, which resulted in your injury

Hopefully, the information laid out above has shed some light on the legal system for you!

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