Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Power of Murals

People love passing by big beautiful graffiti murals. They identify art in something that is considered to be vandalism. But that's an obsolete point of view. Today, large and small cities seem to be more colorful than in the older days. And it's not because of the colorful flowers in Spring or change of colors in Autumn. Municipalities learned how to transform blunt, boring, gray walls, and support local talent.

Graffiti is still considered to be vandalism in some cities. What they need to see is the power of graffiti murals. They need to realize how beautifying can colorful walls and streets be. Your local talent can easily transform a regular small city with these graffiti mural designs, into a huge public canvas that attracts attention.

Travelers and tourists often visit the cities for their graffiti sightseeing. Some neighborhoods even gained their popularity through graffiti murals. You may have heard about ETNIAS by Eduardo Kobra in  Port District in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The artist painted the mural in 2016, and it has gained global popularity in no time. What seems to be just a pretty painting on a paper, is a great attraction and transforming sightseeing on the walls. The mural has its' own idea sewn in. It represents the unity of the people and five Olympic rings. You might also know about the popular "My god, help me to survive this deadly love" mural. It's one of the most widely recognizable works of art. Now tourists visit Berlin even often to see this mural.

The power of graffiti murals is in attraction and beautification. Their power describes the simple joy of our eyes when they see colors. The power of graffiti shows how a simple, talented folk can change the way we see boring canvases.

Graffiti murals are not only for the joy of the eyes. They also deliver a great social message. Sometimes the message is satirical. A lot of artists use murals to describe the tragedy of society. They describe today's situation and problems. Even with this dark and socially troubling messages, graffiti murals can be astonishing to look at.

Murals build the sense of community and bond. Some neighborhoods decided to copy others that had murals on their walls. Murals seem so friendly, and welcoming, every community wants to have one.

It's a form of art, and art is what humanity carries since the dawn of our existence. We have old forms of art, and we can also develop the definition of art. Graffiti is one of the best examples of how humanity can upgrade the list of art forms. Our creativity lives on, and we improve our skills and adaption.

After realizing that graffiti is not destruction, but it's something that gives birth to a beautiful piece of art, cities started funding projects to create murals. Nowadays, talented painters get paid to create something memorizing. They can enter the competitions and get approval for funding. Our society is creating something amazing and powerful in the form of art.

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