Monday, November 19, 2018

Three Holidays and a Birthday: A Day in the Life of Our Peculiar Homeschool

We do not mess around at our country house here in Peculiar, Missouri. We multi-task like pros, and that's a fact. Take today, for instance. Today we covered no less than THREE holidays in one day plus one birthday, all while homeschooling, working, cooking, cleaning, going for a walk, watching the movie Christopher Robin, and doing a bunch of other stuff. I caught up with my mom on the phone, we FaceTimed with Daddy in Kuwait for a loooooong time, I ran to the grocery store for whipped cream for our hot chocolate, and more.

This morning we took a trip out front to check on our HALLOWEEN pumpkins, which were not faring so well. Fun fact: the gray pumpkin is holding up WAY better than those puny orange ones. Mine is the dark orangey-red one on the left with the shadow of Callie over it. I didn't carve it, so it's in pristine condition still through warm and cold temps. (We got these at Johnson Farms in Belton, MO.)

Today Joel was gone all day working, so the kittens did all the relaxing in his place. Meet Kit Kat (Eva's) and Phoenix (Samuel's). I call them Kiki and Fifi. They are brother and sister and a super blast. (We got the kittens from our neighbors!)

Here are some of the books we read today (library books). We also did math.

Eva, Callie and Sam colored THANKSGIVING pictures for our wall and for the guests who are coming on Thanksgiving.

Per Callie's request, we hit YouTube to break out a 3-hour CHRISTMAS music playlist.

Callie got helpful and wrapped Daddy's belated BIRTHDAY present.  He was traveling for work for his birthday :-(

I took down the autumn wreath and put up the Christmas one. Callie backs me up in my Christmas hysteria early, but my husband wants the fall wreath back up. Bah humbug. I got this at Five Below for $5 and it's super sparkly. They also had it in silver/gold and I think I need one. 
Later I went for a walk and Sam tagged along on his electric scooter dressed in shirt, coat, shorts and flip flops. The sun was going down as we got back to our land and I snapped a picture of the firepit area Joel and his dad built.

Near the firepit area, there is a creek and Sam wanted to see how many times he could throw a big rock at the ice before it would crack. Had to get back home to the crockpot beef stew.

Later Eva was still coloring ... this time a secret picture for her dad, kitty on her lap. The marker on her upper lip is a scented marker and she loved the smell so much she drew it on her face.

Daily dose of cute. You're welcome. Was Sam really asleep here? I WISH. That boy just goes and goes.

Watch and learn how I bring it right back full circle to HALLOWEEN* again. Dollar General had not only the milk we were out of, but the movie Christopher Robin and Krabby Patties for 60 cents a bag.
*The day really ended with more Christmas music, Joel doing his math after being gone 11ish hours (Michael had been doing his schoolwork in the background all day; he despises paparazzi), dancing around, praying, me reading a chapter of Here's Hank:  How to Hug an Elephant and then putting on an audiobook for the kids so we could all six fall asleep with a happy story in our head and sweet dreams to come.