Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Getting Your Family Home Ready For Buyers

If you like the idea of moving your family to a new town or city; it makes sense that you will want to get
the most amount of money possible for the property you own at the moment. The best way of doing
that is to ask lots of different real estate agents to come and value your property. You can then work
out the high-end value of the house and target that amount. Of course, it helps if you ensure the
property is ready for buyers, and there are some excellent tips and ideas on this page. So, read this
post and create your plan of action before pushing ahead. With a bit of luck; you will get the asking
price for your home and find the perfect new house in which your family can relocate.

Clean the entire house

The first thing you need to do is clean the entire house from top to bottom. You can recruit your partner
and children to help with the task if you want to make light work of the idea. The last thing buyers want
to see is dirt and grime left over from your family. So, make sure you clean everything and consider
giving the walls a fresh coat of paint if you think they would benefit. Again, nobody wants to see dirty
hand prints all over the walls, but that is something that tends to happen a lot in children’s bedrooms.
Don’t overlook any of the rooms in the house in case buyers want to spend a lot of time there during
their viewing. You could even employ professional cleaners if you have the money.

Get the AC and heating fixed

If the heating or AC system in the house doesn’t work properly; you will struggle to impress even the
least demanding buyers. So, do yourself a favor and search online for firms that specialize in heating
and AC repair, and take the time to inquire about their services. You can get lots of quotes from
multiple companies if you want to make sure you don’t overpay. However, in most instances, AC
repair experts will charge a flat fee for their assistance plus the cost of any replacement parts. So, it’s
not a job that is going to break the bank, but it will help to ensure buyers can’t find too many issues
with your property that might prevent them from making you an offer.

Remove your family photos

You need to help buyers imagine themselves living in the house, and that is always going to be difficult
if you have photographs of your family all over the walls. You need to take them down as soon as
possible and replace them with some cheap art prints or something similar. Don’t leave the walls bare
because that will look odd. You can place all your family photographs in storage to ensure they remain
safe which you negotiate a deal on the house. You can also get hold of cheap art prints online for next
to nothing these days, and, so there is no need to spend a fortune on high-end products. You might
even decide to leave the prints on the walls when you move as a gift to the new owners.

Improve the garden

If you want people to purchase your family home; it makes sense that you will have to ensure the
property is suitable for families. That means you should work in the garden to ensure it is tidy and
functional. Kids love to spend time outside, and so you need to make sure the area is safe for children,
so the new owners don’t have to undertake lots of work the day after they move into the home. Plant
some colorful flowers, dig a pond, and erect a Wendy House if you think it will help. At the very least;
you need to make sure the grass is cut and looking well kept.

Boost curb appeal

Just as you need to focus on the back garden of the property; you also need to think about the front
too. Human beings create their first impression of something in a matter of seconds. They will form an
opinion of the property long before they knock on the door and you let them inside. That starts the
moment those people pull into the driveway, and that is why you need to improve the front yard to
boost curb appeal. Again, make sure the grass is short, there are flowers, and you get rid of any
mess. You might also think about cleaning the exterior of the house or giving it a new coat of paint.
If you don’t want to go that far, maybe you could buy a new front door?

Make sure the house smells appealing

Lastly, you need to think about scents and the way they make people feel. Have you ever noticed that
you smell fresh break when you walk into your local food store even though the bakery is at the back
of the building? That happens because psychologists understand what makes people feel comfortable
and encourages them to spend money. Supermarkets pump air from the bakery to near the front door
to ensure the smell helps to entice people into the building. You need to do the same thing if you want
to impress buyers. Maybe you could have some bread cooking in the oven when they arrive? At the
very least; you need to ensure the house smells welcoming.

Now you know how to get your family home ready for buyers; you shouldn’t have to stress too much
about your house sitting on the market for months. Use the suggestions from this page, create a plan
of action, and put one foot in front of the other. Hopefully, you will manage to sell the property within
only a few weeks, and you can then make an offer on a new home in the place you want your family
to relocate. Good luck with everything!

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