Wednesday, November 22, 2017

7 Ways To Clean Your House Like A Pro

Set aside a day to clean and stick to it

Go through your daily planner and select a day that you will always set aside to get your housework done. Create an alarm in your phone. Circle it on your calendar. Block it off in your day book. Professional cleaning services don’t come to your house when they feel like it and neither should you. They come at a regularly schedule day and that’s how you’ll be able to duplicate their success. Your mind thrives on habits. Make one and stick to it.

On your cleaning day have a plan of attack
Professional house cleaners agree that the best way to tackle a house gone awry is to have a methodical approach. Cutting your cleaning time in half means being efficient with your time. Do each chore in the same order every time you clean. Don’t waste time considering where the dirtiest room is or which tasks deserve the most priority. If you’re persistent with your routine, you’ll be cutting out all that time that would’ve been wasted thinking when you could have been cleaning instead.

Make cleaning fun

Have you seen that scene in Mrs. Doubtfire where Robin Williams rocks out while cleaning the house and wish that was you?! Some people go about their house cleaning hustling from each room to the next, steadily burning out and losing precious energy. Others find a way to be in the moment enjoying the essence of what they’re doing. You can have that much fun cleaning if you look at cleaning as not a chore, but as something exciting. You can let go and watch the time go by without worrying about the pace at which you’re cleaning. Professionals recommend listening to music that you enjoy or making a game out of it. Either way you go, you can’t lose and you won’t dread those days where you have to get out your vacuum.

Get the kind of cleaning products the professionals use

If you want to clean like a pro, you’ve got to use the same tools as a pro. You wouldn’t see professional painter using watercolors and you wouldn’t see a housing service using novelty gadgets to clean your home. Stay away from products that you caught on late night infomercials and buy high quality equipment and cleaning clothes that will handle heavy duty cleaning. Wear an apron to avoid mess and even consider wearing a belt that can hold your spray bottles and rags. The more you’re able to hold on the job, the less time you waste going back and forth to your cleaning closet.

Be on top of things

If you want to avoid cleaning routines that overwhelm you and take up your whole day, clean things before they become a problem. If you see clothes tossed on the floor one day, avoid creating a pile and hang it up right away. Keep on the go cleaning products like wet wipes throughout your house. When a spill happens, you’ll be ready to wipe it away and you’ll avoid having to do a deep scrub later on in the week.  You should also be preventative. Spray your shower head every time you use it. Wipe down your counter every time you eat. After you eat, put your dishes directly in the dishwasher instead of letting them pile up in the sink. No one wants to deal with a stack of plastic wear and forks that can rival Mount Everest!

Become an award-worthy speed cleaner

No, we don’t mean during your deep cleaning days. We mean on those days when you have a little bit of spare time that you haven’t set aside for rest and relaxation. For the kick of it pull out a time and clean like you’ve never cleaned before. You’d be surprised how many small tasks that you can get done in a short amount of time. A professional’s job is easier when a house is already in decent shape and organized. Your job will become easier on your heavy duty cleaning days if your home is in prime shape. Added plus, you won’t ever have to feel panicked when guests randomly drop in.

When all else fails, hire an actual pro

Cleaning really isn’t for everyone. Some people have a difficult schedule and hectic lifestyles. That’s nothing to feel bad about. If you can’t work a deep clean into your regular cleaning, you can hand that off to people who can. 

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