Thursday, August 30, 2018

Simple Hobbies for Your Free Time and How to Enjoy Them More

When you have children to attend to, finding enough time for leisure activities isn’t always easy. For many moms, having some time alone and enjoying the things they love the most are luxuries they cannot always afford. That said, it is still important to be able to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday routines, especially if those routines start to feel stressful at times.

Worry not because having your own personal time doesn’t always have to be complicated. More importantly, you don’t have to travel far or be away for days to really unwind and relax. Even the simplest hobbies are more relaxing when you know how to enjoy them to the fullest. In this article, we are going to take a look at some hobbies you can try as a way to unwind.


Reading is as simple as a hobby gets. You pick a book in the genre you love, and then you let yourself get lost in the words written by your favorite authors. In reality, however, finding that quiet time during which you can enjoy reading isn’t easy. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to change that.

You can start by picking up a Kindle and filling it with books that you want to finish. Paper books are great, but digital books are much easier to manage and bring with you anywhere. Besides, you can save money when you buy the digital version of popular books, especially with the discounts Amazon now offer.

Next, find gaps in your schedules and use the free time – however short it may be – to read a few pages from the book. You can fill gaps, such as when you wait for the kids to arrive from school or the quiet time after the children go to bed, to really get into the book you’re reading.
Another way to really enjoy reading is by getting your partner involved. Have him watch over the kids while you sit in a coffee shop for an hour or so, having a cup of coffee and enjoying a book. At the end of that hour, you will feel much more refreshed than when you start. A slice of cake to go along with the coffee and book wouldn’t hurt either.


Vaping is becoming a big hobby among moms for obvious reasons. For starters, getting into vaping is fairly easy these days. You have plenty of kits and even more online retailers of vaping gear to choose from. There are also hundreds of flavors to try, including sweet ones like butterscotch and strawberry pancake. You can learn more about them from sites like Blazed Vapes.

Vaping is also much more affordable these days. You can pick up a good starter kit for as little as $15. Vape juice is just as affordable, so you can really get into vaping as a hobby and try different flavors without breaking the bank. Even better, there are communities – both online and offline – and even vaping competitions if you are really into being competitive.

Vaping is relaxing by nature. You can sit down, have a cup of tea, and just vape for a few minutes to really unwind from the stress of taking care of the family. You can do it anywhere too, which means you don’t have to resort to sitting in the smoking area or hiding from the kids when they are in the house to vape.


Another great hobby to get into if you need a way to unwind is exercising. You don’t have to go to the gym to have a good exercise. In fact, the best exercises are the ones you can add to your everyday routines without running the rest of the day.

Walking is my personal favorite. I love adding a 30-minute walk to my mornings because it gives me that extra jolt of strength and spirit to get through the day. A 30-minute walk around the neighborhood is also more than enough to get you excited about facing the challenges of the day.
Running is even better. The higher exercise intensity gives you a much more satisfying feel in general. The body will release endorphins and other feel-good hormones as you enjoy a good run, allowing you to feel really good about the day at the end of the session.

A good way to enjoy short exercises like walking and running is by putting on some music and not letting other things bother you for the duration of the exercise. You might want to pick up a pair of noise-canceling headphones to go along with this hobby.


You’ll be surprised by how relaxing writing can be when you are stressed out. Writing is a good way to release negative energy and bad thoughts in a positive way. The more you write, the easier it gets, and the better you will be at converting the negative thoughts into words that others enjoy reading.
You don’t have to write for an audience right away. Sometimes, keeping a personal diary or writing random pieces about topics you enjoy is more than enough as a way to relieve stress. Once you have the confidence to share your writing, start a blog.

Starting a blog gives you that platform you need to really share your stories with the world. You won’t get thousands of readers immediately, but don’t be surprised to see loyal readers asking for more posts as you write about the challenges you face or other things you experience in life.
Blogging is also something you can turn into a revenue source. With a growing number of viewers eagerly waiting for your next post, you’ll start receiving emails from advertisers and brands wanting to work with you on personalized, branded posts.

Any of these hobbies are easy to get into. More importantly, they are hobbies that can really help you unwind after a long day taking care of the family. Pick one that suits you best or develop another hobby that you can fit into your everyday schedule better.

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