Thursday, August 30, 2018

Ten Stages That All Homebuyers Go Through When Looking For Their Dream Home!

Buying a house is stressful and exciting in equal measures, and as a first time buyer there are lots of
things that you’ll come up against that you probably didn’t expect. Here are ten stages that most
people go through in the quest for buying their dream home!

Stage one- full of hope
You click onto your property sales website of choice, and have a browse through. So far, so good!
There are plenty of options, and from a glance there seems to be a number of properties that could
have potential. Seems easy so far, surely this home buying process isn’t as difficult as people make

Stage two- reality hits
After adjusting your filters to fit your budget, and narrowing it down to the exact area you want, things
look a little less promising. Your selection pool has instantly been made a whole lot smaller, and at
closer inspection most of these houses don’t look so good. None of them have all of the ‘must haves’
on your checklist, and very few of them even have any of the things you really want. After a hard think,
you decide maybe three bedrooms is better than four anyway, and who really needs an ensuite?
Perhaps you could knock down some walls and renovate in a few years time… THEN you’ll have the
kitchen of your dreams!

Stage three- is it ever going to happen?
After ruling out every single property as unsuitable, you’re on the house sales websites every single
day, not wanting to miss out on any new properties that are added. Within minutes of clicking onto the
new ads, you rule those out as unsuitable too. This is at the stage where you really start questioning
if it’s ever going to happen. Frustrating times!

Stage four- revisiting previous choices
When you’ve ruled out everything that’s currently available for one reason or another, (including every
new property that gets added to the site), you find yourself clicking back onto past choices. Perhaps
you were a little harsh the first time around- or maybe you’ve missed something important? Nope,
those houses are still as lousy as the first time, each with its own unique issue as to why it’s not the
right place for you. Home A doesn’t have a garden, whereas home B does, but it’s in the ‘bad’ side of
town. Home C does tick a few boxes but it’s miles away from work and your kids schools. Home D is
gorgeous and you’d move in tomorrow if you could- but it’s a hundred thousand out of budget. Yes, at
this point you’ve started looking at properties way out of your budget range ‘just to see.’

Stage five- finding the perfect place, but losing out
One day, there is is- the perfect home. Well, maybe not ‘perfect’ but based on what you know you can
afford, this one ticks all of the boxes and you just know you could make it work. You go and view it
and things go well, and you find yourself picturing life in your new home and doing lots of research
about the area. But then comes the kicker. Your mortgage company rejects it for some silly reason, or
the house is taken off the market. Perhaps your bid is gazumped by a wealthier buyer which then puts
it out of your budget, or a survey shows some sinister problem lurking beneath. It’s devastating when
this happens, and you really are back at square one.

Stage six- is this the one?
In time, another house that ticks your boxes of course comes up, and you tentatively go and see it
and put in an offer. After being burned with the last house you’re more cautious and worried to get
excited, but everything looks like it’s going to go through and you’ve actually found a house you can
call home.

Stage seven- the waiting game
As if things hadn’t been frustrating enough up to this point, they’re about to get a whole lot worse. All
of the not-so-fun legal stuff is going on behind the scenes; surveys, local searches, conveyancing and
mortgage stuff. You’ll be handing over fees all over the place and asking yourself questions like
what is stamp duty and why are solicitors so hard to get hold of? Your property has had its status
changed online to ‘sold subject to contract’- you know that you’ll be moving into your new place but
have no idea when. Chances are your conveyancer doesn’t really know either and is always waiting
on this or that to be done, so you’re pretty much in the dark at this point!

Stage eight- full steam ahead
Finally, you get the phone call you’ve been waiting for. Your contracts have been exchanged, and you
now have a moving date. In some cases, this can be as short as one week! You go from not knowing
when it will happen to everything happening all at once. This can be very overwhelming, but hopefully
you’ve made a start on packing and have already started to get things in order at this point. Once you
move you’ll need to change all of your bills and utilities over, change address, if you’re renting you’ll
need to give your landlord your month’s notice. It’s busy and stressful, but stay organised. Write lists
and manage your time effectively. If possible, take some time off work to pack and move things. The
day you get your keys is so worth it, after a long and arduous journey you know you’ve finally done it.

Stage nine- a new home, a new chapter
Getting settled into your new home is a task within itself. Once all of your paperwork and formalities
have been moved over and everything has been tied up with the home you were living in before, you
can start to make it your own. Time to go shopping for paint and homeware!

Stage ten- happily ever after

A new home really does signify a new chapter. It’s a chance to start fresh and do everything right. It
might help you to eat better, live a more exciting life, get more organised or even start getting up
earlier! Either way, use it to your advantage and enjoy every minute.

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