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9 Apps That Help You Vacation When You’re on a Tight Budget

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Vacations don’t have to cost thousands of dollars. You can travel on almost nothing. And there are tools available online to help you do just that.

This is your guide to figuring out how you can travel to one of your dream destinations without breaking the bank.

1.      Booking.com App

The greatest tool around for finding great accommodation is the Booking.com app. It aggregates everything from guesthouses to hotels to luxury resorts. The app has grown over the years to become the tool of the average person.

Apps like this have become so proficient because of technologies like master data management, so now is the time to start benefitting from them here.

2.      Mint

Saving your vacation is tough. This lovely little tool will help you plan for your trip by managing your expenses through logging everything from manual entries to your receipts from the store.

Perfect for saving every cent!

3.      Skyscanner

There’s no better tool for flights than Skyscanner. It monitors prices from every available airline to every destination in the world. You can search months ahead or you can look at a specific day.

It even has a cool feature where you can look at the prices for the whole month!

4.      Secret Escapes

Flash sales are every vacationer’s dream. Now you don’t have to get lucky because Secret Escapes will notify you of these ultra-low cost vacations in luxury hotels.

You just have to be flexible to take advantage of the hundreds of offers every week.

5.      Xe

Currency conversions can make or break your trip. A few points of difference in the currency could cost you hundreds of dollars. Begin monitoring the exchange rates a few months in advance and select the best time to convert your currency.

You’ll never get unlucky again!

6.      Detour

Detour will help you to save money on those expensive city tours. This app includes personalized audio tours for some of the most popular vacation destinations in the world.

And the best part is the app is free.

7.      Rome2Rio

Sometimes there might be a cheaper way between destinations. Rome2Rio compares the prices of different methods of transports and includes links for where you can buy tickets for trains, buses, flights, and even boats.

8.      GetYourGuide

Figuring out where you should book tours is always a hassle. GetYourGuide is an easy way to book your tours without any hassle and without worrying about the price you’re going to get in the dirty tour office when you arrive.

9.      Debitize

This free app allows you to avoid debt and benefit from credit card rewards. This app pays your credit card bills automatically to avoid incurring interest rate charges.

So now you’ll be able to take advantage of those credit card rewards without worrying.

Last Word – Make Your Next Travel Destination Cheap

You’ll have no problems making your next vacation a memorable one. But now you can make it a helpful one with these nine helpful tools.

Saving for your vacation and making the most of it when you’re there has never been so easy.

Which of these tools do you think will be the most useful on your next trip?

Author Bio: Mark Alvarado is a freelance writer and digital nomad.

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