Thursday, June 14, 2018

Fun Ways to Make Your Children More Creative

This is how my 15-year-old son Michael got creative after we bought him some paints and brushes, and a friend got him canvas on which to paint. Bob Ross Junior.

Sometimes, the one thing missing from your kids’ life is fun and creativity. They may end up performing worse than they previously did academically. It is always better to offer an environment which is comfortable and in turn increases their mental abilities. Creativity outlets imagination; whether socially or academically. It is important to offer children a place where they can be expressive and relevant.

The first investment needs to be made from the parents' side in terms of providing them the medium to be creative and then getting them relevant supplies. Here are a few ideas for you to let your child imagine everything in the world and put it onto paper for you to read:

1. Drawing and Painting
Art is one of the best mediums to be creatively expressive. Giving your child a blank page and pencil colors may be the perfect opportunity for him. It does not matter what he draws or how he draws it, using art as a form of expression will enhance his creativity and imagination. Your child will be prone to finding expression in colors.

Using painting and acrylic pouring techniques are two amazing techniques to offer expression. You can learn more about acrylic pouring by following this article. Acrylic pouring not only gives more textures to art, but also an ability to experiment with blending colors. It is definitely one of the most creative ways to work with paint on paper.

2. Do It Yourself!
Following DIY channels on YouTube can prove helpful in making your child more creative. DIY videos usually consist of child-free tools to use, such as glue, safety scissors, rulers, and other stationery items. Let your child creative something for himself.
Give him basic tools that can be used such as pages, cardboard, pencils, pens, markers and other household items that may not be in use. He can even create new toys from socks such as sock puppets!

Let his imagination run wild with the art supplies that can improve his productivity and diligence regarding household items. From bottle caps to cardboard containers, there is nothing that cannot be used for making something new.

3. Television Shows for Kids
For your child to understand how to interact with people, socialize with them and enhance communication, he must watch a few television shows relevant to his age group. There are hundreds of channels on YouTube or television programs which are specific to children.
These shows teach poems, important language skills, arts and crafts, and even social interaction with other children. They will also end up learning difference in behavior of boys and girls and how they are meant to dress up and behave.

Another thing your child is likely to adopt from television shows is an understanding of language and pronunciation of new words. It's much easier to listen and learn for children as opposed to repetition for learning. More vocabulary means a creative mind! Not only will he use his mind to use all the new words he has learnt, but also exercise to learn more. This improves creative writing, lingual skills and overall interactivity of children.