Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Epic Excuses To Finally Visit Alaska

Alaska is a US state, yet it’s so far away that it almost feels foreign. After all, it did once belong to
Canada. Maybe that’s what makes it intriguing to the rest of the country, the same way Ireland appeals to
the Brits. It’s part of America and also not part of America at the same time.

Although it’s on most people’s bucket list, there are sticking points. For starters, its thousands of miles
away depends on your location and that makes it expensive. Plus, it’s a hassle. Those cons never go
away, but the pros outweigh them enough to book a trip finally. Here are four that will force you to
schedule a family vacation to Alaska as soon as possible.

The Hotels

Okay, Alaska is renowned for its spectacular lodgings even though there are a couple of five-star
establishments. However, it’s not the fine dining and spa treatment that you are looking for. Nope, it’s
the view from the window of the Northern Lights. The SpringHill Suites Fairbanks site promotes the
Aurora Borealis as an attraction, and it isn’t the only one. As long as the hotel is far enough North, then
there’s a fantastic chance to see one of nature’s most incredible sights. And, you can do it from the
comfort of a lounge with a glass of wine in hand.

The Wildlife

Plenty of places in the USA boast excellent wildlife watching opportunities. From the Rockies to the
Great Lakes, there isn’t a shortage of animals to spot. Not to make it a competition, but Alaska does
seem to have a better range than anywhere else in the country. And, that isn’t something other states
should envy because it is one of greatest wildlife hotspots in the world. In the winter, wolves and bison
roam the plains, while grizzlies hunt salmon in the spring and summer.

The Peace And Quiet

Twice the size of Texas, Alaska is easily the biggest state in the US. In comparison, it only has 700,000
residents, and around 350,000 live in Anchorage. What does this mean? It implies, and rightly so that a
lot of the state is untouched and lives as God intended. Remember that only one-fifth of Alaska is
accessible by car, which means there is raw wilderness everywhere. Hiking and trekking in this part of the
country, then, is an experience that is impossible to recreate anywhere else. There are risks, yet it’s
worth taking if you’re an environmental buff.

The Retail Therapy

Granted, Alaska isn’t known for its shopping opportunities, but it should be because of the price. Retail
values are lower than in mainland US, and there is a bonus of 0% sales tax. Everything you buy is
tax-free and that reduces the cost of a shopping spree by a significant chunk. Okay, the selection of
stores may not be the same as in LA or NYC, but they have establishments such as Nordstrom’s which
sells modern stuff.

There is an excuse on the list that will twist your arm? Are you going to break the mold and visit Alaska
at last?

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