Monday, April 23, 2018

Having trouble picking up an anniversary gift? Try these methods to help figure it out!

This guy and I will celebrate our 20th anniversary in October! As of July we will have been together for 23 years!

Anniversaries can be a great time, one where couples celebrate their love for one another and the passage of the time that they have spent together. Such days are commemorated, rightfully so, with romantic traditions. Some of these traditions never change, like a dinner at that restaurant where you had your first date. But you probably don’t want to give your special someone the same gift, year after year.

We get it. Picking out an anniversary present can be daunting. You want to get them something that they will love, something that reflects the genuine thought and care that went into its selection. That sounds like a lot of pressure, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s surprisingly easy to figure out that special gift if you slow down and think instead of stressing out.

Consider the Date

How many years have you been together? Try incorporating that into your anniversary gift or celebration! Been together for three years? Well then, how about the ever-appropriate movie, dinner, drinks trifecta? Two decades can be celebrated with two concert tickets to see your favorite performer live. The ideas are limitless!

Put a Spin on the Traditional

You’ve probably heard of the traditional anniversary gifts like those listed here. There’s a reason why these gifts have been so popular throughout the years: They work! But you don’t have to go with something bland or disinteresting that your love might not like. Instead, put a fresh spin on the traditional gifts by incorporating things that you know they’ll love.

The 1st year tradition is paper, for instance. Instead of writing them a poem or creating a photo collage like so many do, try your hand at illustrating something new and original for them to enjoy. Get them something that relates to their favorite book. Hand-write a list of reasons why you’re glad to have them in your life.

Show that You’ve Been Paying Attention

Did your special someone love the movie that you saw together earlier this year? Buy them their own copy, or a piece of art based off of it! Have they been expressing the need for some time off from work and the stresses of life? Arrange a weekend trip to celebrate your anniversary in peace. Did they yearn for a pair of earrings? Then surprise them with a pair of diamond earrings they would love. No matter how big or small the gesture is, your partner will appreciate knowing that you’ve taken the time to really listen to them.

Anniversaries only come around once a year. Many couples in this busy world only have a few rare occasions, like anniversaries and birthdays, to celebrate each other in a genuine and meaningful way. That’s nobody’s fault-it’s just life, but it’s no excuse to forget your anniversary.

That’s why our number one tip is to make sure that you remember! Set an alarm in your phone calendar, write it down somewhere that you look every day, stamp it on your forehead-just don’t forget it. Remembering dates can be tough, but it’s worthwhile when your partner feels appreciated that your anniversary means so much to you.

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