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Better Your Child's Education With These Top Tips

August 2016 start of a new co-op school year

Education does not begin and end with school. There is so much more to life that one has to learn if they want to be successful. How to take care of themselves, how to be healthy, how to work in a team, how to lead, how to research, and so on. There are so many traits and skills that simply cannot be taught in a classroom. You need to combine a great education with real-life learning, and to help you better your child’s education in this way you need to use these top tips today:


Get Them to Help with Chores

Yes, chores were probably one of the things you hated growing up. So much so that you don’t want to force your children to go through the same ordeal. What you might not realize, however, is that by letting them get away with not doing chores you are inhibiting their ability to live independently. You need to teach them how to clean properly, how to do their laundry, and especially how to cook healthy meals. Without these key life skills, your child will very likely suffer once they move out to attend college, which in turn will hurt their academic performance and make it harder for them to find their footing. That’s why you should instead make chores a family activity. Cook together, for instance, and you can not only teach your children, but you can also bond.


Support Their After-School Activities

If your child has a talent that cannot be fully developed at school or home, then you have to find a program within your community. From community classes to local sports teams, there are so many options when it comes to after-school activities. If your child loves doing something and is talented, do all you can to support them – even if that means forcing them to continue after a rough patch. Just because your child’s team lost doesn’t mean that he or she shouldn’t continue to play, after all.


Enroll Them in a Great School

That being said, if you choose a school that is not only academically excellent but also has a wide range of extracurricular activities your child can have a well-rounded education without you needing to drive them to and from practice. Most extracurricular activities occur after school, meaning you will only need to pick them up once, saving you time and even money. They can make new friends, try out new things, and learn crucial life skills at the same time. It is for this reason why you should choose Southbank IB School in London or others like it. Their commitment to learning isn’t just about tests and book-knowledge, but about developing as a leader.


Learning is so much more than reading from a textbook. Your children need to become strong, well-rounded and most importantly independent adults if they are to have the tools they need to succeed. By helping them diversify their interests and teaching them how to take care of themselves properly, you can ensure they will have the best shot at life.

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