Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Travel Gear That Keeps Things Convenient

You already know all the obvious goods you need for your next trip. All your travel documents, the
right clothes, your first aid kit, sunscreen. Those are your travel essentials, but if they leave you a
little extra room, what else should you pack? A lot of people fail to consider just how uncomfortable
and inconvenient travel can be at times. However, we’re not going to make that mistake, now, as we
take a look at some of the gear and gadgets that can play the starring role in saving the next trip you

The right bag
First of all, you should learn what makes a good travel bag and what doesn’t. Your carry on bag is
going to be the one you spend the most time with, as you’ll likely carry it around at your destination,
too. Having the right bag is about more than just choosing the one that offers the most space while
staying on a plane. Organization should be a factor, too, with different pockets and sections allowing
you easier access to your money, electronics, papers, and so on. What’s more, security must also be
an issue, with many bags coming with clips and ties that can help you secure them to your person
so they’re less likely to be lifted off from the first opportunist you encounter.
Saving on space
If you can get even more into those bags, then you can make more room for some of the other gear
we’re going to take a look at, too. There are all kinds of tips on how to layout your clothes so as
to fit more stuff in, but no technique works quite as well as vacuum packing them. The best
vacuum packing gadgets allow you to fill them as you would any other piece of luggage. Once they’re
all full, however, they suck all the air out of the bag, shrinking it down, compressing its contents, and
sealing them tight. You can save huge amounts of space simply by getting rid of the air.
Get in your zone
When you’re flying or taking public transport, you might want nothing more than to be able to shake
off the stress of the airport. However, that’s often easier said than done. With other passengers,
sights, and sounds to invade your consciousness, it can be much harder to catch a nap or simply
meditate and regain your cool. If that’s the case for you, look at the possibility of getting some
noise-cancelling headphones for your next flight. That way, it’s a lot easier to put on some relaxing
songs or background noise, put your head down, and catch some sleep. Don’t worry, a flight
attendant will wake you when you land.

Investing in comfort
On the flight and throughout the trip, you might that real comfort is in rather short supply. Especially
if you’re going camping. For that reason, consider investing in the tools to give yourself that comfort.
If you’re a flight or a long train ride, travel pillows should be considered a must-have, supporting your
head so you can rest more comfortably just about anywhere. Camping pillows allow nature lovers to
enjoy a better sleep without taking up too much space, often coming in inflatable form. Compression
socks can help you avoid painful inflammation in your legs during long trips, as well as protecting
you from the very serious risk of blood clots. If you don’t want to start your vacation off with a bunch
of aches and pains, invest a little in your own comfort.
You have the power
Nowadays, access to the internet and all the most reliable travel apps can be just as much a source
of comfort as a good sleep. However, when you’re traveling, you don’t always have access to a
source of power or, if you do, it may very well be the wrong one. There are lots of different portable
chargers to browse, some being as small as a USB pen and other larger models offering a lot more
power. But there are also plug socket converters that allow you to charge your goods like regular folk,
no matter what part of the world you’re in. Of course, you should do a little research to see if the
country you’re going to uses different socket layouts or not. You don’t want to waste space packing
things you’re not going to need.
Never lose a thing again
All that power for your tablet isn’t going to do much good if you can’t find it. Lost items are a regular
antagonist of the frequent flyer and can result in more than one panic and the occasional cancelled
trip. Beyond double-checking and triple-checking your goods at every opportunity, there are tools
that can help you know exactly where your items are at all points of the journey. GPS trackers are
getting much smaller, making them much more convenient and able to fit on most of your goods. If
your bag ever gets stolen, a well-hidden GPS tracker can even help you find it again.

Trouble sleeping?
Noise-cancelling headphones can help you relax or catch a nap on a flight, but if you have regular
sleeping trouble in new environments, you might want something a little stronger. That something
stronger may very well be a white noise machine. Beyond drowning noises out, these machines are
regularly used to treat people with sleep disorders, creating environmental noises at just the right
pitches and tones to help the majority of people drift off into a quiet sleep. Especially helpful if you’re
the kind of person who jolts awake at unexplained noises, which are far from uncommon in your
average hotel or wilderness camping trip.
Never underestimate the difference that a little convenience can make on your next trip. Sure, some
people like the rugged, minimalist experience of backpacking with nothing but the clothes on their
back and so on. But when you just want a nice, relaxing vacation, you’ll want these tools with you.

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