Monday, December 11, 2017

How to Save Money When Shopping Online

Online shopping is, without a doubt, the fastest, cheapest, and most convenient way of buying whatever it is you need. You save a ton of time by not having to get dressed and drive anywhere. You also save money on fuel and plastic bags while also doing your bit for the environment as a result.
But, did you know that you could be saving a lot more? There are numerous methods and websites that facilitate the opportunity for you to save some money for the next haul. Listed below are the three main ways you can save some cash before you checkout.


Everyone knows about those paper coupons that are often found in magazines or newspapers, but did you know that online stores also offer occasional coupons? These usually come in the form of discount codes that are posted on social media, sent to mailing lists, or found on the website itself. Once you have the code, you can type it in on the checkout page where you’ve placed your order.
Many websites usually offer a “welcome bonus” or a special code as an incentive for signing up to their website. But there’s always the chance that you missed one or didn’t receive it because you never saw the post. That’s where dedicated coupon websites such as come in handy, offering a comprehensive list of coupons available for redemption on a variety of websites.

End of Season vs Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

This only really applies to fashion but is definitely worth noting. Those “amazing limited deals” in November may seem enticing, but a lot of the time they’re just the usual price or slightly below, with the original price being marked up, giving you the illusion that you’re saving a ton of money when in reality, you aren’t.

Fashion is cyclical, and retailers need to get rid of the previous season’s stock before the next season’s stock comes into the store. This is when they’ll actually mark down the prices of their items in order to make space for the new stock. So rather wait a few weeks for the next season to arrive, buy this season’s stock at a discounted price.

Making Use of Wishlists

For this, it pays to have a dedicated email address to avoid getting your primary one spammed. Sign up on each website and add what you want to your wishlist or cart. This way when those items go on sale, you’ll get notified.

By making use of the methods above, you can save yourself a pretty penny in the long run. Be vigilant and keep your eyes open for the deals that are worth your money. Be sure to avoid impulse buys and spending money on things purely because they’re on sale though. You’re only fooling yourself if you do that.

The general rule is to only buy what you’ve wanted to in the first place unless you’re going to flip that discounted item for a neat profit. Then, by all means, go ahead. 

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