Monday, December 11, 2017

5 Things in Your Home That Are Worth Upgrading

When we talk home upgrades, we usually talk about things that are either minor improvements or
things that are great for luxury but not practicality. As much as we’d all love to beef up our homes
by adding fancy flooring, wallpaper, appliances and furniture, the reality is that we need to pick and
choose our upgrades.

If you want to get the most out of your next renovation or upgrade, then here are a couple of
fantastic home upgrades that are worth every penny.

Home Decor
You might not think that decor matters much, but it actually plays a huge part in how you perceive
your home and how much comfort you have. After all, no one wants to look at poorly-kept walls
with flaking paint, do they? While it’s a slight exaggeration, it should get the point across. Having
something to look at which invokes a feeling of warmth and comfort is far better than a plain or
broken wall. If you’re serious about investing in your home, then you’re going to want to
improve the decor so that you return to a comforting environment after a hard day at work.
Here are a few fantastic ways to improve your home decor.

Repaint your walls - Painting your walls might take a bit of time (and effort considering
you need to move everything around) but it’s a fantastic way to reinvigorate your rooms
with a splash of color or by fixing your walls.

Declutter your rooms - Decluttering is one of the keys to improving the decor in your home.
Get rid of loose bits of paper, random accessories and clear out shelves to make room for
more useful and interesting accessories.

Add cheap (but not tacky) accessories - You don’t want your room to appear tacky by
loading it with cheap bits of pieces. Mismatching cushions, strange paintings that you bought
from a second-hand store and random travel souvenirs from places you’ve never visited
should all be replaced. Look for nice cheap ornaments and accessories to personalize your
room but don’t take it too far.

Frame pictures and posters - If you have posters hanging around your bedroom or in your
child’s bedroom then make sure you frame the good ones. Bordering your pictures or framing
your photographs adds a lot more class to your memories and pictures.

Garden Deck
A garden deck is a fantastic way to add an extra layer to your garden. It doesn't take as much work
or money as you might think to install and it gives you a fantastic place to add garden furniture, plants and even cooking appliances. The garden in general is a great place to upgrade if you want long-term and meaningful upgrades to your home.

Whether it’s encouraging nature to visit so you can do a spot of birdwatching in the afternoon or adding a swimming pool for a healthy and fun way to exercise in the backyard, there are countless
improvements that can be done to a garden.

Kitchen Appliances
The kitchen is one of the most common places to upgrade. Whether it’s adding a new cooking stove,
introducing a new oven or even renovating your kitchen island, there are plenty of big and small
upgrades that you can make to your kitchen. Remember that it’s no use upgrading your kitchen if
you don’t actively use it, so only invest money in a kitchen if you’re willing to spend time cooking in it.

Smart Appliances
Technological advances have come a long way and we can now control our comes from the comfort
of a smartphone or even by just using our voice. To do this, we’ll need to replace the appliances in
our home with smart appliances. The term itself just refers to any device that can be connected to a
home network. It’s “smart” because it has onboard features that allow it to memorize your settings
and even be controlled remotely through the use of a handheld device, your phone or even voice.

Some appliances like smart hubs can even connect to all of the smart appliances in your home so
that you can control all of your appliances from one location. It’s handy, it’s efficient and it’s the future.

Furniture is made to last, but only if you’re willing to spend the money on it. Many people think that
paying for cheap furniture is a good idea because they can just replace it in the future when they’re
done with it. Others think that cheap furniture is a good idea because you only use it every so often
and don’t need to invest lots of money into it.

However, the reality is that high-quality furniture has more advantages than you might think. For

It’s made to last - High-quality furniture, be it your bed or your sofa, is made to last. The
average mid-range sofa will last around 10 years while a high-quality one can last an indefinite
period of time. If you’ve ever seen vintage sofas in a repair shop, it’s because those are built
with quality workmanship and can easily be repaired and fixed in the future to retain its
comfort, reliability and design.

They look better - Cheap furniture looks basic and fairly boring. High-quality furniture usually
comes in unique shapes and sizes, or they can come in robust and simple designs that look
fantastic no matter where you put them.

More comfort - And of course, paying more usually means you get more comfort from your
furniture. You’ll get a more comfortable mattress that lets you sleep better, you’ll get better
dining chairs that won’t make your body sore after a meal and you’ll get a relaxing armchair
that will enhance your reading experience.

As you can see, there are many different things in your home that are worth upgrading if you’re
willing to splash a little cash on it. These aren’t the only areas worth giving a quality boost, but they
are the most common that you’ll see.

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