Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Amazing Craft Activities You Never Thought You Could Do At Home

Craft is seeing a resurgence in popularity recently as people have a newfound yearning for all
things homemade, bespoke and one off. When you mention to the uneducated mind that you’re
a bit of a fan of all things crafty, they probably envisage you stenciling pieces of furniture in a
haphazard way, whipping out a hot glue gun to stick sequins onto card or faffing about with fabric
to try and make a patchwork quilt. Craft is much more sophisticated nowadays. Online platforms
like Deviantart and Etsy celebrate the work of crafters and give the finest creative visionaries the
opportunity to sell their wares and make a name for themselves in the world of art and design.

If you love craft, but you’re not sure what to turn your hand to next, you should consider some of the
ideas that’ll be explored here. Gone are the days of crochet and cross stitch (although these are still
worthwhile activities) to be replaced by metalwork, woodwork, soldering, welding, construction and
paper craft, all of which can be done by you from the comfort of your own humble abode. People
have ditched the mundane 9 to 5 to follow their passion for craft in an attempt to set up their own
businesses. Take a look at these ideas to give you some crafty inspiration.


Many people like to consider themselves as connoisseurs of all things shiny and sparkly. The art of
creating jewelry is in designing something new and original. Everyone has seen a beaded bracelet
or hoop earrings. To make your foray into homemade jewelry a success you need to come up with
something that your potential purchasers have never seen before. By using different materials such
as copper, brass, or fabric, you can create some wonderfully unique pieces. Wooden wedding wings
have grown in popularity as consumers hanker after more sustainable items. If you have the dexterity
and eye for detail, you could be launching your very own line of jewelry.

Furniture Design

Although you might not have done woodwork since you were at school, if you enjoy getting to grips
with a solid piece of pine or wrestling with a glorious piece of walnut, then woodwork could be for
you. You could sign up for a free adult taster course at a local college and see if you enjoy it as
much as you did when you were a teenager. Designing furniture for an interior doesn’t have to
mean constructing massive wardrobes or eight seater dining room tables. You may want to specialize
in chairs, stools or bedside cabinets.

In a similar fashion to other craft activities, you must make sure you have the right equipment to
do the job. A hot glue gun, a wrench and a hacksaw simply won’t do. You need to get the most
appropriate cutting utensil to make your jaunt into woodwork easier on your hands. The range of
saws and cutting implements can be mind-boggling. You might find yourself wondering
what is a hybrid table saw or will a circular saw do the job? Use your trusty friend Google and
investigate all of your options.

Christmas Decorations

It’s that time of year where it wouldn’t seem right not to mention the craft of making homemade
decorations for the Norwegian Spruce adorning living rooms across the nation this month. People
enjoy having something bespoke and handcrafted especially at this time of the year. While baubles
are ten a penny, you could think outside the box to make something truly festive and unique. How
about using the Danish concept of hygge to ditch the tinsel and create a whole new brand of cosy
soft furnishings bespoke for a Christmas tree? You may want to design your very own snow globes
complete with mini internal Christmas scenes or you might opt to design a range of
festive greetings cards. Whatever it is that you want to create, make it original and unique.

Pet Food

Dog lovers and cat fanatics are a money making market to break into. With people up and down
the country willing to purchase diamante collars for their pooch and boutique booties for their
feline friend, pet owners are willing to shower their animal pals with luxury goodies. You could
choose to investigate the world of pet cuisine. There is a real push to make pet food healthier
as a ridiculous amount contains crude ash and other nasties. You could create a gourmet doggy
biscuit or a meaty stick or a tasty treat that contains nothing but natural ingredients and more
nutrients than you can shake a stick at. You never know, you may be able to market your product
to a local pet store after testing out the delicious morsels on your friends mutts and moggies.

Metal Work

The industrial look is very much en vogue at the moment. People are swapping their mahogany
bookcases for metal shelving and their floral light shade for a vintage metal pendant lamp. If you
want to get in on the act, you’ll need to get yourself a blowtorch and set yourself up with a studio
in your back garden where you can solder and create to your heart’s content. You might want to
design some metal modern art type sculptures or focus on incorporating metal into household
objects such as lighting and storage. You might even want to purchase items that have seen better
days and upcycle them, giving them a new lease of life. Make sure you go on a training course if
you have little or no experience and heed all of the safety advice that you are given.

Embarking on a foray into the world of craft can be life-affirming and hugely satisfying. Creating
something from scratch that other people love and will ultimately spend their hard earned cash on
can become addictive which is why the explosion of entrepreneurial crafters shows no sign of
slowing. Why not get in on the act and set up your own money making craft business.