Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Getting Your Family in Touch With Their Spiritual Side

We live in a truly fascinating universe. It is a place full of mystery and adventure and there is an endless array of things that we struggle to explain away with science and logic. Many of us feel that there is a certain something, an unknowable and mysterious something, which permeates every facet of our existence. Not everyone agrees. Whether this is because it is something that only reveals itself to some of us or it’s because those people just aren’t looking, it can sometimes feel like there are chasms separating our differing experiences of the universe.

It is also incorrect to think that exploring your spiritual side is a rejection of the principles of logic and science. Rather, it is an acknowledgment of the limits of our human understanding of a universe which is infinitely more complex and beautiful than we could ever comprehend. Engaging your spiritual side can be a really wonderful bonding experience for you and your family. In this article, we are taking a look at some simple yet thoroughly enjoyable activities that your whole family can participate in to expand the horizons of consciousness.

The Power of Nature

For those of us who do not believe in a God, or any other kind of supreme deity, there is still an undeniable, omnipotent, and in many ways, all-knowing, force in the universe. We call it nature, and it is nature which allows our universe to play out the way it does. The laws of nature dictate what is and isn’t possible, and while we don’t yet fully understand nature, we are all capable of admiring its majesty.

Taking your family out on a camping trip to admire the beautiful stars in the night sky and the infinite variety of wildlife that we can witness during the day is an excellent way of bringing you closer to nature and to one another.


Whether you believe that precious gems and stones are able to influence their surroundings and the moods of those who possess them, there is no denying their beauty. The way that many of these stones are formed in nature is remarkable. Hidden within them is a fascinating tale of how natural processes are able to mold and remold matter into wonderful new combinations. Check out for a guide to the purported properties of precious stones.


Meditation and mindfulness are becoming increasingly popular practices for a wide range of individuals. The benefits that they provide are scientifically proven and are a powerful testament to the power that our minds have over our bodies. Whether you practice meditation alone or as a group, it provides an excellent tool for you and your family to explore the depths of your own consciousness.

Exploring your spiritual side isn’t something that many of us have considered doing before. Sure, we all have that one friend who just won’t shut up about their magic crystals and their chi, and most of us nod and smile but don’t really believe. However, exploring your spiritual side doesn’t mean rejecting science and reason, and if it isn’t for you then you can always turn back, but it is worth exploring to see where it takes you.

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