Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Planning Your Kid's First Visit to a Sports Game

Callie and Mom at the Kansas City Royals game April 30, 2017. Sam got two tickets to Scout Day at the K for selling Scout popcorn and we bought 5 more for a super fun day!

Planning Your Kid’s First Visit to a Sports Game
If your children love the sport, then it will be easy to know that they will love seeing the sport in action. Although you might get the best view on the television, there is something about going to the venue and seeing it live that makes it extra special. For their first event, they are going to want to see everything and know what’s going on. Preparing you and them is essential to having a great day and hopefully inspiring them to see more.

Choosing the Right Event
Although you know what types of sports your kids like, it is important to choose an event that you think they will enjoy when seeing it in person. Some sports have long breaks or periods of inaction, so you don’t want them to get bored. You will know what sports get their attention, so pick one that has a faster pace to it so that they can get caught up in the atmosphere. It is also a good idea to choose a venue close to home on the first occasion, just in case they don’t like it and you want to return home.

Getting the Tickets
You may be considering giving the tickets as a birthday present. It is a good idea to save it for a special event, though you should make sure you get the tickets in advance in case it sells out. Buy your tickets from a trusted seller such as so that you know the seat will be there. If you choose to buy them outside the arena, then you could have problems. In their first game, you want to try and get the best view possible so that they can see everything. It will be great for their memories and also their camera so that they can get good shots of the action.

Try and Answer Their Questions
It will be a new and exciting experience for your children, and they will no doubt be curious about what goes on at the game. Even though it might be distracting for you, try to answer all their questions if you can. Although you probably know a lot about the game you are watching, don’t be worried to say you don’t know something. There may be someone nearby who will know the answer, and if not, you can try searching it on the internet and finding out the answer together.

One of the most important parts of visiting any event is safety. Sporting events traditionally pull a big crowd, so you need to be on guard and prevent your children from getting lost. Try to teach them what to do if you should become separated, such as go to the nearest help point or staff member. That will make things easier if you lose each other because you can both head to the meeting point.

Enjoying sports events and outdoor activities are key to developing your children’s tastes and experiences. Don’t be worried if they fall asleep halfway through; they will still have had a great time. 

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