Monday, October 2, 2017

Master the Best House Painting Techniques

For many people, painting their homes can be something very personal and they would rather they do it themselves. If you do not want to hire a professional company like Paysons Painting, you can do your little painting projects on your own and still make them look great.

Today we will teach you some tips that will show you how to paint your house like a pro. These tricks are not too complex, but they will really make a difference. At the end you will realize that your painting technique will improve and you will be able to paint faster and smoother, without making too much of a mess.

Eliminate texture differences
If you have ever painted a wall you probably noticed that the sheen is not consistent, and there are texture differences that make your walls look bad. This has nothing to do with your painting method, the walls are usually to blame. If they are not smooth enough and they have small patched cracks or holes that used drywall compound, you will discover that the pain is quickly absorbed and the surface will look too dull.

In order to fix that problem, you will need to use some primer. Just prime with a roller over the edges. It is recommended to choose a nap roller that matches the texture of the wall: a ½ in. nap roller for textured walls and a 3/8 in. nap roller for smooth walls.

Put all the cans of paint in one large bucket
You have probably noticed that paint cans are not exactly identical, even if you bought the same shade. Therefore, whenever you empty one can and open a new one you might realize that there is a big color difference, and the wall will look weird.

However, it is easy to prevent that with one solution named boxing. All you have to do is estimate how much paint you will need for a room, and mix all the cans in one large bucket. This way all your walls will have the exact same shade.

Follow a certain order when painting a room
Whenever you decide to repaint a room you might be tempted to start with the walls. However, this is not the wise thing to do. You should start with the trim. This way, after it is painted you can cover it with tape so that you won’t mess it up with paint from the walls. Use a painter’s tape and only tape it after it has dried for at least 24 hours. Then paint the ceiling, and leave the walls at the end.

Do not paint over dirty surfaces

Whenever you paint something, make sure that it is clean. If you paint over a dirty surface, the paint won’t resist too much. There are plenty of products designed specifically for prepaint cleaning.  You can also try a deglosser. You can find these products at home centers or paint stores. Make sure you also get some gloves and protection for the eyes.

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