Saturday, June 24, 2017

Weird And Wonderful Talents You Can Try Yourself

Some people are gifted, and often these gifts are quite unique. For instance, while one person can play a beautiful tune on the guitar, another can balance and spin on their head. While you might be able to get a fifteen-foot jump shot in basketball, someone else might be able to breathe fire. So let’s look at some of the coolest unique talents in the world and why you just might want to give them a go yourself.
Base Jumping

Have you heard of base jumping? It’s pretty awesome but incredibly dangerous. Base jumping is a lot like parachuting or skydiving. Except rather than jumping out of a plane at fifteen thousand feet, you jump off a building a few hundred feet off the ground. Then, hopefully, and with a little luck, you can land somewhere not too far away. The jump isn’t the hard part, nor is the steering while you’re in the air. The difficult aspect of this rather special talent is the land. If you don’t perfect the technique for landing the force and speed that you reach the ground will cause you to break both your legs. So, it’s probably not a skill you want to try without some serious training.
Creating Clouds

Ah, now this one is quite special because the idea probably originated from a little-known book called The Lord of The Rings. Those of you who have read Lord of The Rings might recall that Gandalf the Grey used to take great pleasure in creating smoke clouds and transforming them into images in the air. You probably never thought you could do that in real life but you can and people to through cloud-chasing. Cloud chasing is the process of creating large billows of smoke through vaping. And, then if you have some talent you can create some incredibly impressive images with the water vapor in the air. Some of the people that can do this have to be seen to be believed.
Light As Feather…

Mind over matter presents itself in many forms throughout the world. It’s actually believed be the the reason why some individuals can accomplish great displays of strength. However, the most impressive version of this is the talent some people have to manipulate physical objects. The simplest example of this is spoon bending, and many people debate whether it’s an illusionist trick or real psychokinetic ability. You’ll have to make your own mind up about this one, but there are schools across the world that teach this ability.
Forget Me Not

Yes, there are people in the world who don’t forget a single moment of a day in their life. In fact, there are even people who claim they remember being born. Many people dispute whether there is such a thing as a photographic memory. What is clear, however, is that some people do have a talent for recall and it is possible to improve your own ability here. Some foods seem to have a positive effect on memory as does meditation. If you start testing your mind and treating it like a muscle that can be grown, you might surprise yourself!
Are you fascinated by these incredible talents and abilities? Perhaps you want to give one or two a try for yourself.