Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Kerrie Show Goes to #Chicago Day One: Marriott Residence Inn Rosemont/O'Hare

Okay, readers, I have a lot to share with you. Lots of tips and tricks about Chicago with kids. My mom is waiting for this blog post so it's not going to be super wordy ... lots of pictures though! Enjoy!

Oh, and we are here because my husband had a week of computer training in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. His company said he could bring the wife and kids and we always jump at the chance for a free vacation (see the Houston posts from two years ago; they start at Day One and hopefully all link to the next day so you can watch the fun in order) ... always feel bad for my husband, though, because we are out seeing the city and he is stuck in a classroom. But that's why we have the Florida Vacation Fund for later this year :-) He deserves to relax on a beach, that's for sure!

I'm weird because I like to post pictures of when I'm organized with food. I feel good having all the stuff figured out for the trip and saving money on the road. Michael says we could be a Ziploc commercial. The trip did not seem horrible ... about 9 hours when we are used to Houston, Wyoming and Phoenix seemed like a walk in the park.

The main living area. To the right is my room with Aron. To the left is the room with the littles. THREE televisions in this place (our house only has one) and TWO bathrooms halleluia.

A kitchen is IMPORTANT when we travel. Here, breakfast is free 7 days a week and dinner is covered Monday and Tuesday nights. We will eat out some lunches, pack some, and same for dinners.

My crazy family.

My FitBit friends are HATING ON ME right now because I am kicking butt on steps! Glucosamine is the ruler of my world right now or I could not walk around like I have been ... about 12K steps a day. Sunday night after traveling all day I hit the gym to treadmill for a bit in silence.

Some light reading before bed. Aron is starting The Green Ember with the kids for their nighttime reading. I thought a book on the Chicago Fire would inspire some sweet dreams.

Time for bed and the lovely Callie has the bed all set up for herself and her little sister and little brother. I am SO GRATEFUL that they can still sleep three to a bed. Joel and Michael slept on the sofa bed in the living room.

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