Sunday, March 15, 2015

#Houston Day 1: KC to Oklahoma

We went to church Saturday night so we could head out of town Sunday as early as possible, which turned out to be noon thirty. We were hoping to leave at noon, so leaving only 30 minutes behind schedule was a HUGE improvement for the McFamily. I think the kids sat in the van for an hour waiting for us to get all packed, me to run to QT for ice, etc.

My fancy camera is not doing its wireless download right now and I don't wanna search for the cable so I will post the pix I took with my new phone and grab the others later!

The McVan ... my friend Eva got me the I Love Aron sticker and the Beware magnet!

The night before leaving. The kids were so excited ... Sam slept with us like always but the other 4 kids were in the girls' room ... newly moved around at Callie's request

Sammiches for the trip ... 9 PBJs

Somewhere in Oklahoma

Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Norman, Oklahoma ($60 to feed 7 of us! EEEK!)

At Embassy Suites in Norman, Oklahoma for the night. SWANKY!
Look, we all know I am mostly blogging this for my parents and Mr. Kerrie's parents and also for Joel's friend Nathan! But I want to give a shout-out to Brooke, who I met at this hotel, and she showed me how to get my hip back into whack. Brooke is like my opposite: one kid, school principal and so on ... but we are also alike in that we both have a husband who likes a clean house and we are bad at keeping house. Instant friends.

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