Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sad Face: Turn That Frown Upside Down

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We can all feel a little blue sometimes especially when it feels like things just aren’t getting better. Long-term sadness isn’t good for anyone; it can easily lead to clinical depression as well as a whole host of other illnesses that you’d never guess could be connected to your mood. For instance, did you know that prolonged episodes of sadness can cause ulcers, IBS, and even heart disease? We can’t stop ourselves from feeling upset occasionally but that shouldn’t mean you give up smiling!

Ten Minute Tears

We know you probably think that ten minutes isn’t nearly enough time to express everything you feel but the thing is you don’t want it to overwhelm you. Negative thoughts won’t just drag you down, making you feel like a victim but also have you thinking you’ll never be happy again. Just like happiness, anger, worry, fear and confusion sadness needs to be felt to move past it, releasing those thoughts and getting yourself in a better frame of mind. It may sound hard at first but ten minutes or less can allow you to sit with your feelings, cry if you need to or listen to melancholy music without it interrupting your whole day.

Start Small

No one says that you need to bound into work looking like the cat that’s got the cream every day. In fact, if you’re suffering from depression the fact that you got out of bed, dressed, ate breakfast and left the house is something to celebrate! Try to focus on happy thoughts and small goals that you’ve accomplished throughout the day even if there as little as having coffee with a friend, going for a walk or laughing at a colleague's funny joke. Don’t forget to remember the amazing things in your life such as family, friends, loved ones, pets, your home and your job and make a list of everything that might make you feel positive about the future.

Look After Yourself

When we feel down, lack energy or are too tired we often forget to look after our most basic needs including showering regularly, cleaning our teeth, brushing our hair and making sure we get enough sleep. Our bodies know when we aren’t emotionally well which is why stress and sadness is often seen in the face first. Lack of sleep tends to lead to bloodshot eyes and tired skin, and you may notice you’ve developed spots or cold sores due to constant stress. You can log on to to find out what cold sores are and how you can treat them properly. However, establishing a good thorough skincare regime, making sure you eat properly and scheduling regular visits to a dermatologist as well as a counselor can help.

Help Others

Focusing on someone else's problems often allows us to forget our own! Keep your mind off things by helping someone else in your community, why not check out
what opportunities there are in your area at You’ll soon make new friends, start feeling happier and spend less time thinking about yourself and more moments improving the life of someone less fortunate.

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