Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Definitive Guide To Cutting Back On Alcohol

Some people use alcohol as a way to wind down and relax after a long day. Some people use it because they’re bored. Some people use it to socialize. There are so many different ways that alcohol is used in this day and age. So much so, that some people don’t realize that they are over indulging. Drinking a little alcohol, such as a glass of red wine a few times a week can have health benefits. However, drinking too much of the stuff will leave you more susceptible to developing diseases and encountering other problems. Not to mention you can start to rely on it. In other words; it’s addictive. This definitive guide to cutting back on alcohol should help you:

Figure Out What It Is That Makes You Overindulge
There are a number of ‘triggers’ that can make people overindulge. Perhaps you’re just bored. Maybe you’ve had a really stressful day at work and alcohol is your only release. By taking a closer look at yourself and your habits, you should be able to figure out what makes you overindulge. When you know what it is, you can become more aware of when the situations arise and come up with ways to combat them.

Think Of All The Ways Alcohol Holds You Back
Take a moment to think of all of the ways that alcohol holds you back. This may not be enough to make you stop alone, but it can definitely encourage you to try harder. Perhaps it’s stopping you from advancing your career. Maybe it’s stopping you from spending time with your family. Make a list of all of the ways that alcohol is stopping you from living your life right and then keep that list in mind when you feel like overindulging.


Clue Yourself Up On The Health Side Of Things
It could be a good idea to read up on the health side of things. Knowing what alcohol is doing to your health should be a huge motivator to quit. It can damage your liver, make you put on excess weight, give you cancer, and do so much more damage. The more you drink, the more susceptible you make yourself to these problems.

Don’t Keep Alcohol In The House
Buying alcohol and keeping it in the house could be a huge trigger. If something stresses you out at home, then you’re more than likely going to want to reach for a drink to help you calm down. Avoid buying alcohol in large quantities and keeping it for no reason.

Designate A Friend To Cut Back With You
Perhaps a friend is having the same problems as you. Designate them to cut back with you. You can both discuss your problems, come up with a plan, and keep one another accountable. Make sure this person is serious about cutting back, or they might actually encourage you to ‘fall off the wagon.’ If you feel like having a drink, then you can call them and they can help you to calm down, and vice versa.

Alternate Drinks With Soda Or Water When You Go Out
If your problem is drinking too much when you go out with your partner or friends, remember to alternate your drinks with soda or water. By doing this, you’ll save money, and feel so much better the next day. Not just that, you probably won’t black out or do anything stupid that you tend to do when you’re really drunk. Most people buy another drink before the previous drink has even kicked in. This is how people end up so drunk! By giving your body time to process the drink you’ve just had, you’ll also be able to monitor just how drunk you are and stop or completely slow down when you’ve had enough.

Speak To A Professional If You Need Help
Perhaps it isn’t as simple as cutting back for you. You’re not alone. Don’t delay; speak to a professional. You may be able to visit a centre like to help you deal with your problems and get clean. It might sound like a lot to take in, but sometimes this is the only way to get your problem under control. If you like, you could speak to a friend or loved one first, and they can help you to get the help you need. Admitting it and getting it off your chest can be one of the best things to do in situations like this.

Find Other Ways Of Dealing With Your Problems
There are many other ways of dealing with your perceived problems. If you’re stressed at work, try speaking to your boss, reducing your workload, or even finding a new job. Your sanity is the most important thing. Find a hobby, so that when you get home you’re not tempted to drink. Exercise will make you feel great, but you could also start a creative hobby. Maybe knitting, or trying something else that you’re interested in will do you the world of good. Also, don’t underestimate the power of meditating. This can help you to distress and improve other areas of your life in a big way!


Don’t Be Hard On Yourself
When you’re hard on yourself, you get into a negative self talk spiral which can lead you to drinking even more. This doesn’t mean you should relax and not worry too much about cutting back. It just means that you should realize you are human, and that’s OK.

Keep The Person You Want To Be In Mind
Who do you want to be? What do they do each day? What do they look like? Who do they spend time with? Keep this version of yourself in mind and do what you can to become them each day. Take small steps towards your goals, and never let go of that vision.

If you have children or even grandchildren, it’s important you set a good example for them. Watching them grow up should be a big motivator in quitting. However, above all else, you need to do this for you. You are worth it and deserve health and happiness!

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