Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Moving Homes? Here’s How to Keep Your Kids From Getting Stressed

Moving homes is one of the most exciting moments in life for adults and children alike. However, it is also one of the most stressful, particularly for children.

You see, kids, when faced with a house move, are much more likely to think about all of the negative aspects of moving such as losing their friends, family and the environment they are used to. They also tend to feel powerless because they have little to no say on the decision to move. This can lead to a whole lot of stress being out on their young shoulders.

Luckily, there are plenty of things that you can do to minimize stress and make moving an exciting adventure for your kids.

Talk to Them

Keeping in constant communication with your kids is important in every aspect of life, but it is especially important when contemplating a move. If you want to minimize the impact a move has on your child, you will need to start discussing it with them well before the Moving Companies pull up to your drive.

By giving your kids lots of age relevant info about the move, you can get them used to the idea, so that when the big day comes they are well-prepared.

Be Prepared

Once a child knows that they will soon be moving home, it is likely that they will take some time to process it, and they will no doubt come out with important questions at the most unexpected of times. It is important that, as much as possible, you have the right answers to their questions ready for them. This will reassure them that everything is under control, allowing them to relax a little.

Involve Them in the Process

Obviously, you can’t let your kids call the shots when it comes to moving home. If you did, you’d find yourself bunking down in the Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland, but there are lots of little choices that you can get the kids involved with.

For example, taking them to visit potential new homes, letting them choose their bedroom décor and taking them on fun trips to local landmarks near the new place are all simple things you can do to make your children feel a part of the process whilst having a great time.

Make Time for Them

Carving out some one-on-one time with the kids, where you can have no-strings fun together, is a great way to tease out any fears or concerns they may have about the move. This will help you to work out what the biggest issues with the move are likely to be and thus plan strategies to get your kids through.

Even if you do all of the above, you may find that your children still experience a period of stress when you move into your new home. It is important not to panic if this is the case. Instead, you should focus your energies on making the transition fun. Take the kids out, play home-based games like hide and seek, let them meet the neighbor kids and you’ll soon see an improvement.

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