Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Is This Really The Key To A Happy And Healthy Life?

We all have goals, but most of them will involve being happy. Whether you’ve got big plans for your career or high hopes for your hobbies, your end goal is always to do something that makes you happy. A lot of the time, our dreams can involve a healthy and active lifestyle too, even if you’ve not got that written down. It’s often a given. But when we look at healthy lifestyle goals, we don’t always write them down, or actively plan to improve how we live - and that’s the key to making it work. Organization will help you to lead the happy and healthy life that you’re looking for.

Create An Agenda

One of the easiest ways to organize your life is to create an agenda. When your life is organized, your happiness will follow suit. And, you’ll find it so much easier to focus on your health. As your draw up your agenda, you can start to block out time using colors to coordinate it. Block out your working hours or hours for chores in their own colors, and then allocate colors for other things like cooking or meal times, events, meetings or activities. You should then be left with a weekly chart full of color and a few blank spaces. Those spaces can be reserved for rest or working out and now, you can easily see what you’ll be doing and when for each day of the week.

Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

Organizing your medicine cabinet may feel like a chore, but it will ensure that your health is a little bit more together - especially if you take medication daily. Organize your medical supplies, vitamins and prescriptions by shelf so that you know where everything is and can access it when it’s needed. You’ll also know when your out of things like bandages or painkillers so you can keep them topped up.

Rearrange Your Pantry

Now that you’re on a roll, it’s time to tackle your pantry. When we’re in the kitchen, it can be easy to move stuff around as you cook, and put groceries away quickly. Then, when you try to find something, it’s not always where you left it. So, from time to time, it can help to organize your kitchen space. When you tidy up your pantry and clear it out, you’ll be able to access the food and seasonings you need, and you’ll inspire yourself to cook new things as you’re finally able to see the ingredients you already have.

Put Up A Chart

When you realize that your agenda is working, you might want to do something similar for your children. But, the main difference will be in its purpose. Your agenda is to allow you to stay organized and free up time. Their chart will encourage and motivate them to lead healthy lives too. You can do it sort of like a behavior chart, but the stars or smiles will be awarded when they do healthy things. That could include eating fruit, finishing all of their food, drinking water, being active, doing a good deed, being kind, or even doing well in school. Because health and happiness really are holistic.

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