Monday, December 12, 2016

The Keys To Keeping Your Kitchen Much Easier To Clean

The kitchen is known by many to be the heart of the home. But boy can it be a hassle. If you’ve got a busy family and work life, you don’t want to be stuck cleaning your kitchen for ages after you’ve already been busy cooking dinner. But keeping it clean isn’t just important for vanity. It’s also important for the health of the home. Well, here, we’re going to look into how you keep your kitchen a lot easier to clean.

Clean as you cook
This is a tip that isn’t shared anywhere near often enough. It’s efficient to take care of mess as soon as you discover it. Making a meal then going back to clean everything up isn’t just time-consuming, it takes a bit of the joy from cooking itself. So instead, clean as you cook. Set up all your ingredients at the start of the meal. When you’re finished dealing with one, clean up any of the residues and move on to the next. This not only means you have a cleaner kitchen after you’re done with the cooking. It means you take less time by separating one big task into a lot of little tasks along the way. After the meal, just give someone else the chore of doing the dishes and you have to do nothing but relax.
Know the properties of the materials in your kitchen
The choice of materials you use, particularly for worktops, plays a big role in just how easy it is to clean the kitchen. If you’re able to choose materials now, I suggest using those like granite worktops. With the right coating on granite, they’re a lot less absorbent with liquids, making them a lot easier to wipe down. If you’re using wooden surfaces, you don’t have to leave them to their fate if you find them marked by pots and pans. Instead, you can use wood bleaches like oxalic acid which can get rid of even the most seemingly persistent of marks. Any material can be kept in good condition a lot longer if you just do a little research on how to maintain it.
Be smarter with your storage
Clutter is one of the most common enemies in the kitchen. You have a lot of foodstuffs, utensils, pots and pans to go all over the place. If you don’t have a lot of cupboards and drawers, it can start to build up to the point where it makes a kitchen feel a lot smaller and more claustrophobic. But there are ways to tackle the amount of storage space at your disposal. For one, consider vertical options. Think about attaching a magnetic strip to the kitchen wall where you can keep knives, metal ladles and the like. Or consider adding hooks inside cupboard doors where you could hang a little extra. There are lots of little hacks to make use of your small kitchen.
Getting to know your kitchen, as well as how to use all the smarter, makes it so much easier to clean. You’ll avoid the wear and tear that can start to set in, as well as the clutter that can make it such a chore.

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