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Sky Zone Kansas City Review (Shawnee) #SkyZone

Now that I find myself on Christmas vacation from homeschooling, it's time for another episode of ...

Reviews That Were Due a Million Years Ago

Today's episode focuses on Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline mecca kids would give up candy for. Back here I wrote about being excited to get to review Sky Zone here in Kansas City (Shawnee, to be more specific), so please check that out for more details about this insanely awesome place to take your kids. I wrote that at the end of 2014 and we did our party in January of 2015, which was almost 2 years ago, so the kids sure look different here!

So here is what I loved about our birthday party package we got to review:

You can sign the liability waiver online and not have to mess with it there, which is nice when you have a whole bunch of kids hanging around waiting to jump.

We had an entire TEAM of young ladies helping us out and checking in on us.
Prepping the kids

Jumping. Period. Just jumping. Exercise rocks.

Did I mention the massage chairs?



 The Sky Socks were included. They have some grip on the bottom so they are perfect for jumping and probably also keep the trampolines less icky from feet juice.

Lots of different things to do ... jump up and down here. Play basketball while jumping there. Jump into a huge foam pit over there. Play basketball with wee tots over there in the smaller kid area. It was varied so it kept kids entertained.

Parents could also jump if they wanted, and we did. And I have never been so worn out, so it's an amazing workout.

Pizza and soda in the party room after jumping was nice that I could relax for a change instead of playing waitress like I do at home.

They are smart to do the pizza and soda AFTER the jumping because ... can you imagine the other way around? I wouldn't want to clean up those messes.

Honestly, we have not been back to Sky Zone, but it's not because my kids don't want to go. It's because it's pricey for my big family, even on the homeschool discount day. If they could make that homeschool discount just a little bit bigger, Mrs. McLoughlin would be spreading the news and getting together big groups and they would make big bank! All I have to do it mention it at the Open Play at Emerald City and there are a ton of homeschooling moms sitting on the bleachers there ready to head over to Sky Zone another day of the week with their young ones.

That said, Sam and I worked really hard selling his Scout popcorn this fall so he could get 2 free Sky Zone tickets for Sam and a friend, which means I get to pay for another 4 admissions, but they love it so much I will sneak it into the budget.

Here's how to find out about birthday parties.

They even have dodgeball leagues!

Friday nights they turn on the cool music and the black lights and you can GLOW while you jump!

Homeschoolers can come the 2nd Friday of every month from 2-4 p.m. (they really should offer this more often since Friday is usually a homeschoolers busiest day of the week for field trips and activities and also when other places such as Coco Key offer homeschool discounts every other month). The cost is $9.99 per hour so you could jump 2-3 p.m., 2:30-3:30 p.m. or 3-4 p.m. Seriously, knock that price in half and I'll buy a punchcard, baby!

Check out this link (there is more than one page to it as well) for their activities and programs.

Heading there this month with our 2 free passes, so I'll do another post about our experience!

Happy jumping!

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