Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Most People Overlook These Important Things When Moving House!

Moving house is so exciting, a chance to start fresh and a new place to dress and decorate exactly how you want. But the actual moving part isn’t so much fun, and in fact is one of the most stressful things you’ll probably ever do in your life. Physically moving your possessions and your life from A to B is fraught with challenges, so you’ll need to put as much effort into the planning and organizing stages as possible. Here are some of the things people can overlook when moving house; make sure you don’t forget these things to keep your move running as smoothly as possible!

Care For Children and Pets on Moving Day
You're moving company in and out of the house, doors will be left open, and boxes will be piled everywhere. So ideally you will have children and pets looked after elsewhere on the day that you move. That way you know no-one is going to run out of the front door, get in the way or potentially hurt by hazards. Plus moving is stressful, not just for adults but for children and animals too. Having them cared for in a safe and calming place, and bringing them to the new home once you’re setup is your best bet. You could ask friends and family members for help, or in the case of pets book them into a kennel or cattery for a couple of days if no-one is able to watch them for you. It means you can get on with moving things and doing what you need to do without the worry of making sure your children and pets are kept safe. Sites including http://www.parents.com have more information.


A Storage Unit
Some house moves are smoother than others. In some cases, you will get your keys for your new property a couple of days before you have to hand your old ones over, giving you extra time to get your old property empty and cleaned. Other situations, however, might mean you have to hand in your keys on the day that you move, meaning there’s a huge rush and time restraint. Or worse still, you might need to empty your current home days, weeks or months before you can move into the new one. Some buyers can find themselves in a position where they have to temporarily rent or move in with family, as their old house has sold, but they are waiting on the new one. In this case, a storage unit is essential. If you’re renting or staying with loved ones short term, chances are you’re not going to have the space to move a whole house of possessions. Companies like http://canningvalestorageunits.com.au/, for example, offer both long as short term storage. Have a look at what’s local to you, in case your move leads to you needing to hire a storage container.

An Emergency Kit
When you first move into a property, there are a few important items that you’ll need to have on hand. Some plates, cups and cutlery so you can eat. Some toilet paper, bin bags, tea towels and cleaning products. Some bath towels and basic toiletries. Your phone charger, and any important paperwork. Don’t make the mistake of packing up your entire home and thinking ‘I’ll sort it when I get there.’ Unpacking properly can take days; it could be a while before the necessary items you need turn up. Pack yourself an emergency suitcase of things you’re going to need to get you through the initial move. Sites like https://www.reallymoving.com have more information about what to include.


There is also moving home technology you can benefit from if you're moving home. If you're in the UK for instance, when moving home you need to sort all of your utilities (broadband, energy, council tax, water etc...). There are services such as SlothMove that can set that up - here's a link to their utility checklist.

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