Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Makeup That Deletes Years: Become Younger in 10 Minutes!

There are numerous ways to look younger by properly applying makeup. Until recently, these makeup tips were a well-kept secret. Nowadays, with the use of internet, you can read them while at home sitting in a chair. The beauty industry offers a million different ways to look younger. Unfortunately, most of these methods come down to plastic surgery. In order to avoid such invasive methods, we offer you an alternative. Check out these makeup tips that will bring back years to your face. Next time you sit in front of your Hollywood mirror, you will be amazed by the change.


The main trick with eyeshadows is using neutral colors. Stop using bright blue, green and pink nuances. Makeup that should refresh your face is based on neutral, natural tones. Ivory, beige, peach and soft pink are perfect choices for foundation. You can use smoky gray, purple, gray-blue for edges of your eyes. Silky texture is ideal for your face. Matte eyeshadow can add years and years to your face while pearl color highlights your facial imperfections. This is why you should choose eyeshadow with a fine, silky color and discrete glow. At the same time, make sure not to put mascara on your bottom eyelashes.

Emphasize natural color

Similar to eyeshadow, lipsticks which you use should be in natural tones. They need to make a fresh, natural and youthful impression. Such effect can be accomplished by using pink, beige pink, peach and coral red. You will be thankful when you look at the mirror! At the same time, avoid strong, impactful tones as well as those that are too dark or too light. Any type of exaggeration will only put emphasis on wrinkles making them more noticeable. Stop using long-lasting lipsticks as well as matte. They dry your lips. Lip gloss penetrates the pores making you look older. Best option for middle aged women are hydrating lipsticks. To be honest, you will have to fix your makeup more often but it will be worth your while.

How to use blush properly

Fresh nuances are the best when it comes to blush. So, the optimal colors would be pink, peach and orange. They will make your face look much younger. Women with silky skin complexion can also apply bronzer with small, sparkly grains. Avoid using strong, brown nuances. Buy creamy blush instead of powder or compact one as it is much better when it comes to sticking to dry skin.

Powder for fresh and even skin tone

When a person gets older, skin becomes almost lifeless. It becomes really dehydrated. Because of this, you should avoid think layers of powder and dry concealer. You can also use powder for dry skin which nourishes the cells.

Playing with lights

Illumination is another thing that should be considered when putting makeup. In the end, our skin will be affected by light during the whole day. When putting makeup, make sure to use it in front of a mirror with lights. This will give you a better perspective. Saggy skin around your eyes, nose and lips should be lightened with a highlighter. With it parts of your skin will look fresher and younger.

Proper makeup for your eyebrows

With years, your eyebrows become saggy similar to your skin. They will start falling down and losing their elasticity. In order to fix this, you will have to get them back in their previous place. They shouldn’t be even. Instead, make sure they are curved. The highest point should be parallel with outer edge of the eye. In fact, they need to curve in the same way your eyes are curving which can be done with some smart makeup application.

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