Monday, December 19, 2016

3 Telltale Signs Your Relationship Isn't Ready For Marriage

A lot of couples see marriage as the end goal, something they want to happen. However, there are times when a relationship just isn’t ready for marriage. Here are three telltale signs that you and your partner shouldn’t tie the knot:

You Have Lots Of Heated Arguments

Arguing is pretty much part and parcel of being in a relationship. Every couple will have little disputes here and there and differences of opinion on certain things. The difference is that a functional relationship learns how to get over any arguments and keep them at a minimum. If you’re involved in lots of heated arguments with your partner then you might want to reconsider is things are really working.  The more you argue, the less likely it is that you will make this relationship work in the long term. If you have aspirations of marriage, then it should be with someone you get along with most of the time, not someone you argue with all the time.

There’s Mistrust And Lots Of Lying

Trust and lies are things that decide a lot of relationships. If there’s a lot of trust between the two of you and you don’t lie to one another, then guess what? You’ll have a happy and functional relationship that may just be perfect for marriage. On the other hand, if one or both of you lie a lot, there will be a lack of trust. This can be very damaging for a relationship as you never know when your partner is telling the truth or if you can trust them. Lies can be damaging in so many ways for so many couples. Some people tell big lies in the heat of an argument to try and hurt the other person. An example of this is domestic abuse claims. There are many cases where a domestic violence attorney has proved that someone was wrongfully arrested for domestic abuse because their partner lied. A lie like this can ruin a relationship forever. Then, you have small lies every day that builds up and makes the trust disappear. Ask yourself, do you really trust your partner? If you have to think about it, then marriage probably isn’t wise.

You Break Up A Lot

There are some people that are in relationships that involve a lot of break ups. You’re together for a period, break up, then get back together, and the cycle repeats itself. Sometimes, couples like this think that marriage might be the answer to this problem. If you commit to marriage, maybe things will be different. The likelihood is that they won’t. The difference is, it’s more complex to break up when you’re married. You’d need an official divorce which requires an expensive attorney. If you break up a lot then the chances are you’re just not meant to be together.

The urge to get married can be strong for many couples, particularly if you have kids together. However, if you experience any of the issues above, you should put off marriage. Do everything you can to work on your relationship first, before you commit to a life together.  

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