Monday, November 7, 2016

Feeling Lost? Find Some Clarity and Focus

Clarity and focus are among the most important things that anyone can have in life. Most of us function at our best when we know what we want, what we need to do to get there, and what our next big step needs to be. When we’re lacking focus and direction, we can end up feeling downcast, restless and lost. If you’ve hit a point in your life when you’re not sure what your next move is, here are a few ways to get things back on track.

Take Responsibility
When people feel lost, it can be pretty common for them to assume that clarity and direction will simply fall in their lap after enough time. Others simply roll into a rut of self-pity, wondering why other people were gifted with so much clarity and direction, while they missed out. These are both rooted in the assumption that focus is something that comes from somewhere outside. Although this assumption is understandable in some ways, it’s ultimately self-defeating and pointless. It may not feel like it now, but there’s nothing out there that can give you direction in life. You need to create it yourself. If you’re really not sure of where you want your life to go at this point, there’s no issue in staying open to different options. However, you shouldn’t let this go on for so long that you get stuck in a state of hesitation. Finding your path in life can be difficult, but the most important first step is realizing that it’s you who needs to find it.
Avoid Things Which Are Damaging to Clarity
Some attitudes, thoughts and actions we choose can make us feel clear and focussed in life. Others will make our outlook on life even more clouded and hazy. If you want to have more clarity and focus in your life, you need to cut yourself off from the things which are making this harder. If you’re hanging out with a lot of unfocused people, who are drifting aimlessly through the motions with no real direction in life, then consider spending less time with them. If you know you’re spending too much time watching TV, playing video games, surfing the web or you’re stuck in any other time-wasting habits, then try to cut down on this in increments. Numbing your mind with alcohol, drugs, and junk food can be very damaging to our sense of clarity too. If you’ve accepted responsibility for your life, and you’re still finding clarity hard to grasp, then it may be time to work more on your lifestyle. Seek out more focused friends to spend your time with. Work on your dietary and exercise habits, cut down on the alcohol, drugs, or other unhealthy substances that cause your mood to fluctuate. Getting into the habit of planning your day out and looking for the next big goal can also help to turn things around. I can’t guarantee that if you change your lifestyle, you’ll gain clarity and focus overnight. However, it’s certainly helped a lot of people in the past, and it’s worth a shot!
Reach Out for Help
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Many of us hate the idea of asking for help in getting some sense of direction in our lives. With everyone seeming so focused and clear about where they’re going, admitting that you don’t have a clue can make you feel weak and embarrassed. I assure you that anyone who cares about you won’t look at it this way. Don’t be afraid to throw your hands up and ask for help! Talk to your closest friends and family who seem to have a clear sense of purpose, and ask them for advice. You may be surprised at how many of them have gone through the exact same phase as you! If you’re still not finding the guidance you need, you may have to look elsewhere. Talk to a life coach, counselor, or even a real psychic about the lack of focus which you’re going through. These people have a lot of experience dealing with problems just like yours, and will often be great at helping you find your way again. Religious mentors, old teachers and so on could also be an option. While reaching out for help can often be just what the doctor ordered, make sure you don’t lean on others too much. Remember my first point; that you’re responsible for your sense of direction in life. Help is great when it’s there, but there will inevitably be times when you have to stand on your own two feet.

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