Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Create A Winter Wonderland In Your Home With These Cozy Ideas

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As fall starts closing in it’s certainly time to think about getting cozy and creating a warming and inviting feel in our home. Roaring fires, super soft wools, the scent of gingerbread and cookie dough and twinkling lights all bring magical elements to the home. And certainly a hint towards Christmas coming soon. And with that feeling in mind, here are some ways to create a winter wonderland feel in your own home.  

Faux Fur And Cashmere

Without renovating your rooms, there are plenty of accessories you can add come fall to create those warm and cozy vibes. Using tactile pieces and adding different textures to your space will instantly make it feel more inviting and snug. Faux fur rugs look wonderful in the bedroom and living room and convey the snugness of an Alpine chalet. Textured velvet throws over arm chairs add a sumptuous winter feel when thrown over chairs. And muted gray cashmere throws are the ultimate in luxe, cozy chic when thrown over the sofa or across your bed.

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The warm glow of embers is an instant way to get those winter wonderland vibes in your home. Nothing says fabulous fall is on the way more than a roaring fire does. And a fireplace can become the hub of a cozy living room. However, we are not all lucky enough to have a chimney in our house or a wood burning stove. However, one great round this is to invest in an ethanol fireplace. They look contemporary and chic and can be wall mounted for extra style points. They use bioethanol fire, are simple to install and look ever so stylish. With the flames of a real fire protected behind a sheet of sleek glass, your home will look like a chic boutique style hotel just in time for winter.     

Fairy Lights And Lanterns

Lighting should always be kept soft and inviting. Choose pearl bulbs over clear ones for your side lamps as these emit a soft tone of light. String fairy lights under bookshelves or across mantelpieces for a cozy feel. And for a more contemporary look bundle them together in a tall, sleek glass vase for a focal accessory in the room. Use paper lantern lights as a nod towards the fact that Christmas is coming and stack your candle in threes at various points in each room. Candles look beautiful and inviting in bedrooms and living rooms. But always make sure you are present in each room that you are lighting them in. Create a warm and relaxing ambiance with your lighting and it should feel super wintery in your home.

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Adding In Autumnal Tones

Another quick way to bring fall into your home is to add in some rich autumnal shades. Use pillows, throws, artwork and flowers to bring warm hues into your home. Think lashings of orange, mustards, rusts and rich reds and olive greens. All set the scene for snuggled down on a winter’s night and getting cozy beneath your cashmere throws.

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