Thursday, August 3, 2017

Keep Your Whole Family Warm This Fall: Top Advice Moms Need

Now that fall is here, the weather has taken a dip. It means that our family are more likely to pick up a chill. After all, we know how easy it is for kids to pick up cold bugs. And once one child has got it, the other kids in your family will get poorly too! Therefore, you need to keep them warm this season to avoid them getting ill. Here are some top advice on keeping the whole family warm this fall!

Make sure they are wrapped up when leaving the house

When our body gets cold, our immune system drops, and we are more likely to pick up flu bugs. Therefore, it’s so important to make sure the whole family are all covered up before they go outside. That means, making sure they all have thick wooly jumpers that are going to keep their body insulated. Also, it means getting them a scarf, hat, and gloves to ensure they stay nice and toasty. Even if you haven’t got much money, you can easily knit them some that they can use on a daily basis! That way, they will stay toasty, and it will prevent them from getting cold bugs this season!

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Fit their beds with warmer duvets and blankets or maybe even consider a Bedjet

You should also make sure that your family are all warm at night time. If they are cold in bed, they will start shivering while they are asleep and are more likely to pick up a flu bug. Therefore, you should ensure they have a warm duvet which they can wrap around themselves at night. Also, you should get them an additional blanket which they can also cover their body with, so that they keep at a good temperature. That way, they will avoid bugs and stay cozy this season.

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Make sure the heating is set to a moderate heat

You should also ensure you have the heating working efficiently if you want to keep your home toasty. Set it to a moderate heat so that it fills the house with warm air. You should make sure you get it maintained so that it will work efficiently. You can look online and discover Save Home Heat and other companies who will come out and maintain your boiler. Also, getting it maintained will ensure it’s working efficiently to lower bills too! Just make sure you draft proof your home so that you don’t lose any of the heat from your home.

Buy a log burner or an electric fire for your living room

When your family are sitting in the living room, it’s easy for them all to start feeling a bit chilly. Even if your heating is on, it might not keep the living room warm during the fall.  Therefore, you should buy a log burner or an electric fire for your living room to keep the room warm. Putting a fire on for an hour or two can keep the room nice and warm so that your family can stay cozy while sitting in the living room. It also makes a lovely feature when you have friends and family over.

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And remember to make warming food for your family. Food such as chili and soup will help to keep your kid’s body warm and will keep flu away.

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