Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Household Cleaning Items You Didn't Know You Needed

In years gone by, it was considered the role of the women to stay at home and clean. Obviously, times have changed drastically since then. Many women these days have high-powered, busy careers while also raising children and maintaining some kind of social life. Unfortunately, though, cleaning your home is something that still needs to be done. Finding the time to do a full house clean can be difficult, and doing the clean itself can be exhausting. After all, cleaning is hard manual labor! That's why new technology is being designed with the busy parent in mind, to help you keep your house spotless even when you can't remember what day it is. Here are some of the handy pieces of tech you may have never considered getting, but won't be able to do without.

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Floor mopping robot

You may have seen these handy little things in videos on social media - usually being ridden by a cat or another pet! In reality however, there is much more to these robots than simply being good entertainment/a car for your cat. Most are designed with a rough pad underneath which loosens dirt and grime. Then, the robot will deposit a stream of water as it starts to 'mop' the floor. Simply set it on a certain program, press start and your floor will be freshly mopped in minutes. There are varying robots for different room sizes and for different types of floor, so do some research before jumping in and buying one.

Pressure washer.

When you think of pressure washers, you may conjure up images of the neighborhood dads out pressure washing their driveways. But, there are actually multiple uses for a pressure washer - ones you might not even be aware of. Providing it is sturdy enough, try washing your fence with a pressure washer to remove any excess grime or the growth of things like moss. Pressure washers are also ideal for washing the sides of your home, garage doors and any outdoor furniture. It is also a great piece of equipment for dealing with pests, as you can use a pressure washer to knock down spider webs or wasp nests. Take a look at reviews like this Karcher K2 Home & Car Pressure Washer Review before buying so you know exactly what you are looking for.

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Self-cleaning litter tray

We are a nation that loves our pets. After dogs, cats are the most popular domestic animal in the world. But unfortunately, they do come at a cost. Cat litter trays smell, and your guests may notice the odor when they come to your home. Investing in a self-cleaning litter tray for your kitty can be the perfect solution for this. It uses motion sensors to know when you cat has entered the litter tray to use it, and to know when it leaves. Once your cat has left the tray, the advanced mechanism removes the waste and puts it into a sealed container. You will still need to empty this every few days, but it's better than your cat's mess being laid out for all the household to see.