Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Caring Is Sharing: Why A Care Home Job Could Be The Making Of You

Nurses are, by and large, the most wonderful people. They sacrifice and strive to make their patients feel more like themselves again. It could even be argued that, although it is the doctors who cure the patients, it is the nurses who make them better. And yet nurses are often neglected and forgotten about – which seems a crying shame.
Some nurses choose to leave the hospital environment and instead look for care home jobs. This choice surprises many people as it is often seen that the hospital is where nurses have the best chance of success. However, working a care home could be the most ideal job choice for many people – here are our reasons why.

There Are Plenty Of Jobs
Within the care home sector there are always jobs. It is the ‘forgotten’ relative of the hospital, so when most nurses apply for hospital or clinic jobs, positions are care homes stay vacant. Therefore, if you think that a care home could be the making of you in your career, you should apply straight away. An interview could be yours before you know it. Add to this the fact that not as many nurses are qualifying today as in the past due to funding cuts, and you can – with the right qualifications – find employment quickly and relatively easily within the nursing home sector.
It’s Rewarding
Even the long-term ill will eventually leave a hospital, and it is unlikely that the nurses who cared for them will ever hear from them again. That’s not the case with care homes. The people who live in these homes are long-term residents who will stay in their home for many years. Nurses are therefore able to get to know their charges well. It makes going to work more enjoyable, and more rewarding. If you know you are truly helping someone get the most out of their life then it is all worth it.

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Think For Yourself
As a nurse in a care home, you will need additional skills to get through every day in a happy, healthy manner. One of those skills is the ability to use your own initiative. There may not be many people around to help you, and fast thinking could be the difference between life and death. This is why nursing in a care home can be so much more exhilarating than anyone might imagine. It is a lot of responsibility, but that’s surely one of the reasons for applying?
It’s Not Just Nursing
Nursing is a major component of the day to day activities within a care home, but it is different to the working ways of a hospital. In a hospital everyone is unwell and needs treating. In a care home the residents may be perfectly healthy, and it could be age rather than illness that affects their everyday lives. Nursing in this case can mean a number of different things from sitting and having a chat to helping your patients clean up their own rooms. No matter what, it should be about ensuring that their quality of life is enhanced.
Working in a care home can be the best decision you’ve ever made – and it could indeed be the making of you.

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