Monday, September 26, 2016

If You Make These Bad Excuses For Staying In A Job, Maybe It's Time To Call It Quits

Anybody who’s been in a crummy job will know what a grind it can be. You spend all day dreaming of quitting. And then a little voice in your head comes along and tells you that’s impossible. What are you supposed to do? Carry on like you have been for the rest of your life?

Sometimes, that little voice in your head can be the voice of sanity. It might tell you not to pack in your twenty-year career all because your boss called you “lazy.” But sometimes, that voice in your head can hold you up and make you believe you’ve got no other options. 99 percent of the time, that’s just not true.

“I Don’t Quit”

Here’s the thing about success: you’re either moving towards it or you’re not. The key to getting to where you want to go isn’t banging your head against a brick wall, hoping you’ll break through. It’s about making the decisions that maximize your chances of success. And sometimes that means quitting.

Larry Page, John McEnroe, and Tiger Woods all famously dropped out of college. Why? It was getting in the way of what they wanted to achieve with their lives. Saying that a winner never quits is patently false.

“The Grass Is Never Greener On The Other Side”

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Ask any employment lawyer, and they’ll tell you that culture can change dramatically from company to company. In some firms, workers are harassed, bullied and intimidated. In others, they’re treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve. It’s just not true to say that all companies are the same. It’s rather like saying all people are the same since companies are just collections of people. There are even organizations that go around trying to find the best places to work, based on employee satisfaction.

“I’ve Invested So Much Here; I Can’t Leave Now”

The fallacy of sunk costs causes untold misery to the people who fall prey to it. It’s the belief that if you’ve already spent a lot of time, effort or money on something, you should continue doing it. But that’s just bad advice and illogical. Imagine if businesses operated that way. We'd have millions of wasteful businesses, plummeting further and further into unsustainable debts.

If you find yourself thinking like this, the best opportunity is to cut your losses as soon as possible. Yes, you’ll lose some of the time investment you made. But if you wind up staying, you risk losing a lot more.

“Quitting Will Wreck My CV”

Sure, you might not like your job. But you think to yourself: “at least if I stay, I won’t be wrecking my CV.” But the problem is that staying in a job you hate is a surefire way to make sure you’re ground down and don’t progress. And that’s likely to look even worse.

“My Job Is Well Paid”

Is it worth working in a job that makes you permanently miserable? Almost certainly, no. The reason is that you've got plenty of options open to you if you make a lot of money. For instance, you can use your income to build yourself a safety net that will allow you time to find something you enjoy more.

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