Sunday, September 25, 2016

Penguin Park, Praying at Home (Priest Practice?) and Pronto Pasta #KansasCity

Last Sunday Aron was out of town :-( and I took my kids plus Julia and Little Eva to Penguin Park in North Kansas City. This is a place we had not been in many years and I regret not going every year. We have gotten too busy these last few years and a half hour trip just seemed like so much, or the weather was never just right, or the kids wanted to take friends who go to school.

My mom and stepdad took the kids once and I think that was when we only had three kids! Otherwise I remember going a couple of times and chasing chasing chasing kids around and worrying about where they had gone in the park. Last Sunday the place seemed very small to all of us and only the two youngest of my kids really still enjoy a good playground, which is kind of sad.

It was a little hot last Sunday, but I knew it was time to go. We packed some snacks and drinks and headed up north. I don't want this to be the last time we go! We discovered a lake behind the park (thanks to Google Maps) and we love nature hikes and situations so off we went after realizing there were too many bees at the actual park!

the mascot

teens hanging out

the little ones having fun

my big 15-yo baby

the entire crew heading down the trail to find the lake

so much cooler in the woods!

me with my 8 yo daughter Eva

me, my Eva and her friend Eva

yes, i know you don't feed ducks but we did it anyway

the other side of the lake... they found a hook and some fishing line and Joel helped Sam fish

I am a horrible judge of time these days and we were going to be late for Mass at Holy Trinity. We would have gone anyway BUT THERE IS NO PARKING! So we went home and Joel led us in a rosary. Sam was very devout.

Joel getting priest practice?

super lazy dinner. i had an Ibotta rebate (see my post on this) for Pronto pasta so here you go ... I made mac and cheese out of it
I am absolutely in love with days like this when we get to just explore and not have to worry (too much) about time or where we have to be next. We had more lazy days when the kids were younger and those are disappearing so I treasure these days even more now.

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