Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Simple Tips For A Super Clean Home

Maintaining a clean and tidy home doesn't just happen overnight. We tend to spend a good few hours a week cleaning our houses in order to keep them habitable and welcoming enough for guests. However, having a clean home can also be beneficial to your health, not just your aesthetics. There are, in fact, many places in your home that are harboring unseen dirt and grime that you could be missing.

The bathmat

Bath mats are a classic example of somewhere that can get extremely dirty, but we don't clean them enough. As they are located in the hottest and steamiest room in the house, they are in the perfect environment for bacteria to breed. You also have plenty of dirty feet, and even shoes, stepping on it day in day out. There are two ways you can tackle this problem. Either buy a number of bathmats which you can rotate easily - for example, one whilst another one is in use. Or, consider investing in a rubber bath mat, which you can easily clean with various products.

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The kitchen sink

We would never consider not disinfecting our toilet. But you may be surprised to learn that the average kitchen sink can contain even more bacteria than a family toilet. Food debris that is left in there can start to mold and dangerous bacterial viruses such as E.coli can arise as a result. Most of us just tend to wash our sink out with regular water a few times every week - but, it can actually be worth properly disinfecting your sink every so often too.

The air

This is one most people don't really think about that often. But, do you really know how clean the air is in your home? Many of us now live in large, industrialized cities, where the air quality is lower. If this sounds like you, it can be worth buying something to fight the smog as inevitably, it will get into your home. Be careful about what you leave around the home too, as certain products can give off dangerous fumes. Paint and solvents are a classic example of this, so make sure you keep any products like this in your garage.


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Your keyboard

Your computer keyboard may be your own, or it may be a family computer. Either way, it may be harboring germs and diseases that you had no idea about. In fact, a study from the University of Arizona found that some keyboards actually had more bacteria on them than a toilet seat. A separate study also found that MRSA is able to live and thrive on keyboards. Therefore, it is imperative to your and your family's health to keep your keyboards sanitized. Shaking them upside down over a bin once a week can help remove any dust and dirt debris that could have gotten between the keys. Wipe with an antibacterial cloth every week too to help kill any bacteria that could be lurking on there. Or, if you want to be able to clean your keyboard more thoroughly, consider buying a sealed keyboard, as they are much easier to clean.