Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Lovely Candy Company Review #Candy #Yum #GF

Here was my post with my pre-review about The Lovely Candy company, which includes all the links for purchase and information. Now it's time to get down to the REAL review, peeps. The scoop. My honest opinion of this product.

Ah, look at all that lovely candy on my table. Literally, it's Lovely Candy!
Okay, so when this product arrived I was floored at how amazing it was. All the kids and their friends got to try it and also my writer friend Christine, who was over, as well as my husband. They all loved it. I loved it. I could snuggle up with a bag of the Caramels and a good TV show and kill the entire bag in no time. SO YUMMY.

The company sent over 6 varieties and they were all wonderful. Yes, even the black licorice, which is not really my thing but some people love it.

Head to the top of this post and hit the pre-review about the product for the buy link and more information about the company and how they have gluten-free options and other accommodating awesomeness.

I give it 5 Lovely Candy Company Caramels, my highest rating!

Try some!

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