Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Moscato and Emergen-C ... Healthy Alcohol!

Okay, so I discovered something cool. Maybe it's been done before but I figured it out on my own and dig it! I RARELY drink alcohol. Maybe some moscato in the summer and every now and then I might try it again but I don't like wine or beer or hard liquor of any kind. Still, I like things to be multi-purpose as much as possible. We've been feeling a little yucky around my house lately and the Emergen-C is free-flowing (miracle product, especially for those of us who are older and slower to heal and get better from illness). I figured, why not mix my moscato and Emergen-C?

My friend Jill's son and my own son (besties) getting ready to leave for a movie (Star Wars). They always have time to pose for a picture!

Any flavor will do and probably you can put it in any kind of alcohol. I imagine something like vodka with an Emergen-C packet would make your hangover not so bad, but I haven't had a hangover since probably 1990, so what do I know?

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