Monday, January 4, 2016

Shopping for Clothes for Children on a Budget

Shopping for clothes for children can be quite a hit to the family budget. Moving through the new trends, changing of seasons and children growing quickly, we can find ourselves constantly spending lots of money on new items. Although some might think that the only way to refresh your kid’s wardrobe is to get brand new clothing while emptying your wallet, the truth is that you don’t need to spend so much to purchase good, quality products. Finding inexpensive but durable clothing for your children might seem difficult, but actually all you need is to have a little creativity and an eye for a good deal! With the following tips, you will realize how simple it can be to save money on kids’ clothes:

Let’s start with one of the most known ways, which isn’t actually used sufficiently – coupons. Many people know there are some attractive savings to be made with coupons, but most of them don’t use promos, perhaps because aren’t sure how it works or think it’s too much hassle. Actually, on the contrary, it’s super easy! One of the ways is to get the coupons online, which is quite convenient. Just go to a website such as Discountrue and choose the store that you’re interested in – be it Target, Kohl’s or any other shop, and you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. Some retailers are even offering promotional specials via email, where they send you a code or  the coupons directly if you are registered on their sites. On the other side, if you are not a computer person, there is also a way to get them directly at the stores. This is a very easy and effective way of saving money; just keep in mind that the codes might expire, so watch out that none of them go to waste.

Another tip you should remember is to shop sales or end of season clearance sales. Most retailers hold sales that can go from 30% up to 60% off the price, and sometimes even more. You should also easily be able to find clearance racks that offer 50% off and more on selected items. Some might think that these don’t have much to offer in terms of quality or design, but if you make the time and take a good look through the racks you’re sure to find very good deals. Sometimes you can even find brand new items for as little as $1!

Now all these ideas help you buy new clothing for your children in stores, but what about used clothes? You would be surprised at how much you can save this way. With a little patience and attention to details you will get pretty good deals! Many people think that thrift stores offer used clothes that have been worn out, but the truth is you also can find a lot of brand new clothing in excellent condition, sometimes even with the tags still on;you just need to stay perceptive. If you are looking for specific brands, the recommendation would be to go to the places that price the items by gender or size. For example, all kids clothes can be priced at $2, so you can find a used T-shirt for the same price as a never worn before dress – in this case it is clearly more profitable to buy the brand new dress. If you are not so focused on specific brands, then the recommendation would be stores that price their items individually, so this way a no-name, good condition dress would have a lower price than a brand new dress, and of course this would be your best option. To make sure you’re getting the right product, remember to always check your items for stains and look to see if the zippers work and that the buttons are in perfect condition.

The above mentioned tips are only a few ideas you can use to get started. From sales, clearance, coupons to thrift shops and even garage sales, you’re sure to see the results soon enough. You will be amazed about how much money you can save while still dressing your kids in good-quality clothing!

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