Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Are You an Annoying #GrammarNazi ?? I Sure Am

Look, I understand that I am annoying. I am a true Grammar Nazi. Okay, maybe not a GRAMMAR Nazi, but I don't like errors or words that are spelled wrong. Like I got this wedding invitation and in the envelope was this card to return. I just had to correct it. God has given me this THING (my mom also has it) where errors stand out to me. This is good because I make decent money as a proofreader and it's my fallback job, but it's annoying to the general public who are not PAYING me to proofread their work.

Here is another example of a sign plastered all over the Community Center. I could not fix EVERY sign and it drove me insane. DOES NOBODY AT THIS PLACE KNOW THIS IS AN ERROR? Hopefully now a few people will know the right way to spell this word.

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