Thursday, August 13, 2015

#TickPick Site and App Review: Cheaper Sports and Concert Tickets!

"Your price. Your seat. No hidden fees."

I have to say I love TickPick's tagline, especially the no hidden fees part. It's not like Mr. Kerrie and I go to a lot of concerts or events these days, but the kids are getting older and we will be getting back into that game. I also would love to check out the circus since Sam has been bugging me about that and things like Disney on Ice, Royals games, etc.

So the first thing I did when I went to review this site was look up the beloved Kansas City Royals because my husband has actually been talking about taking the boys and his friend Patrick and his boys. I was not disappointed.

I input 7 tickets needed on TickPick and was given many options of where they could all sit together, along with a map of the stadium. I found tickets as low as $9 each for the Detroit game in early September. I went to check out and there were NO FEES. SERIOUSLY!

Okay, next I went to see if they had any circuses coming up. I mean, I run my own circus at my house with the 5 kids and extra around all the time, but we like to watch other kinds of circuses, as well! I quickly found the Ringling Bros. circus in different cities and scrolled until I found Kansas City and it's here in September!

Uh, oh. Tickets sold out fast. The night we could go was entirely sold out! BUT ... another cool thing is you can BID on tickets and also SELL tickets you no longer need! So I could pick another date or I could bid on someone else's tickets. Fascinating! Win-win for everyone!

Well, the cost of tickets to the fancy circus was too much for our budget currently so check out the Shrine circus instead. Nope, none close to me in Kansas City.

So I bid on some tickets for the Ringing Bros. on the night we could go. I wonder how hard it will be to get 7 tickets together ... but I did it anyway at a price they suggested and that was low enough that we can afford. It's a great option! They have some sort of cool algorithms that help figure out which tickets are the best deals and what are the best bids for the section you're looking at.

I did all this on my laptop but I also have the free app downloaded onto my smartphone and it will be awesome once my bid is accepted and I can just walk up to the ticket taker at Sprint Center and show my phone like a cool chick and have them scan my 7 tickets JUST. LIKE. THAT.

Bottom line: I love this site for all my needs! I don't have to go separate places for different kinds of tickets. TickPick takes care of it all. You get cheaper sports and concert and event tickets and NO BUYER FEES!

Give them a try! Please use this link and if you make a purchase I get $20 off my next purchase of KC Royals tickets! Thanks in advance!

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