Sunday, July 26, 2015

Viter Energy Mints Review: Boosts Energy & Freshens Breath #goviter

I received these Viter Energy Wintergreen mints to review and I super love them! At first I was like, "There is no way I would spend that much on mints" ...

but then I actually tried them and I have to say they are a real pick-me-up for those afternoons when I have all the kids at the pool and I just want to fall asleep but I CAN'T fall asleep because I am responsible for many lives so what can I do?

So I gave them a try. And they have caffeine AND vitamins AND they freshen my breath so they are a triple whammy of awesomeness. There are 20 in a flip-top tin and I really only need one a day six days a week (Sunday Mr. Kerrie is always home so I can take a nap if I am truly dying of exhaustion). This means a tin will last me a month.

I tried one as I was going to the pool on a hot, nap-inducing day. And I felt picked up within about 10 minutes. The next day was church and I was super tired and popped a Viter Energy mint and, again, within about 10 minutes I was not dreaming of napping on the floor during the homily. SCORE!

Oh, and they are sugar-free so they fit into my Weight Watchers plan just perfectly. Usually when I am tired I would consume sugar for a small, short-lived boost of energy but lately I am trying to get healthy and just can't do that anymore. I have to find healthier ways to boost my energy, and these Viter Energy mints do the trick. Give them a try!

Update April 24, 2016: I was DYING for a nap today and looking forward to it but we went to a park instead. I ate one of these mints instead and I was good to go in no time!

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