Sunday, July 26, 2015

Take Your Kids Ice Skating This Winter #winterbucketlist

*originally published December 20, 2013

I have to admit I did not brave ice skating with the kids until last spring when Mr. Kerrie was off work one Friday. There's a twice a month homeschool skate at KC Ice Center and it's only $3 per kid (adults are free) and it includes skate rental!

There's also a roller skate that's monthly at Skate City but I haven't braved that yet. The problem is that it's more expensive, jam-packed with people (I hear) and you pay to rent those walker thingies and I also might never leave the skating rink if my butt got out on roller skates. I do love skating in circles to Blondie and Queen, friends.

Both times Mr. Kerrie went/is going, but I am ready to take it on myself if Samuel continues to skate around like BOSS OF THE RINK! We went on Eva's birthday for something fun to do but Eva, it turns out, HATES skating! Callie loves it, though, so we keep going. And it's good exercise.